Most Haunted Chambercombe Manor, Devon.

Chambercombe Manor, Devon. 

The earliest records show a Lord of the manor as early as 1162, and as well as its priest holes a chapel was added in 1439. Then in the 1650’s the Oatway familys short but significant stay began, a succession of familys was lucky enough to call this their home. Recently its role change to a working farm, in 1979 the Chambercombe Manor trust took ownership allowing visitors to visit this site from then onwards in the summer months. The spirit of a women called Elizabeth has been seen walking on the 400 hundred year old floor, the spirit of a man has also been felt near the fireplace, also an old women dressed in black has been seen sitting on the windowsill. Legend has it that William Oatway was running out of money, his daughter had left and married an irish sea captain, they had not seen her for years and they wrecked a shipwreck which had alot of dead bodies, they saw a women lieing on the sand, she had been bashed against the rocks, her face was badly disfigured, William robbed her then brought her back to the house when he realised that she was still alive unconscious, he lied her in the bed and she died 5 days later, William wondered how he could dispose of the body and he went to the pub and was talking to some people who had a list of all the people that had died from the shipwreck, there was only one women on the entire list and they gave him the name and it was his daughter Kate Oatway, they did not know what to do with the body so the bricked up the room with the body still in the bed, in the 1880’s a farmer broke through a spare windowsill wall to discover the body of Kates skeleton in the four postered bed. In the four postered bedroom a child has been seen inside the cot as it swings from side to side, and a ghost of a women in grey has been seen standing over the cot. In another room a 6 year old girl who died has been seen playing with a friend, and two male figures have been seen in the same room, one of them is not too nice, cold spots, and poltergeist activity is also witnessed in the room. Ciaran O’Keefe is the Parapsychologist, and Gordon Smith is the guest Psychic Medium

First Broadcast: 26th September 2006

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