Most Haunted East Riddlesden Hall

East Riddlesden Hall

East Riddlesden Hall itself was built in the 1640s by the local Murgatroyd family. The family had made their fortune through milling and weaving and the building was designed and built as a symbol of the power of the family.

Unfortunately the family’s star was short-lived and the house passed into the hands of the Starkie family through intermarriages later that same century.

The Hall was extended during the 1690s but has changed very little since that time and still contains many items originating for the century it was built including furniture and embroideries.

The Hall has been a gentleman’s residence and also a tenanted farm.

It came under threat of demolition in 1934 but was purchased by the Keighley brothers who presented the house to the National Trust who now have the care and running of the property.
The ghosts: Will you encounter a woman in white, the lady of the manor drowned in the ground’s fish pool? Or perhaps the Grey Lady, reputed to have been shut up in her room to starve to death by her husband after having been discovered with a lover.

First Broadcast: 23rd August 2006

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  1. Please could you tell me when you are showing East Riddlesden Hall,Keighley; Bolling Hall, Bradford and Pendle Hill, Lancs, as there aren’t many locations that ive seen you go to “up north”

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