Most Haunted Plas Mawr

Plas Mawr

Plas Mawr, the ‘Great Hall’, built between 1576 and 1585 for the influential Welsh merchant, Robert Wynn.
The tall, lime rendered walls reflect the status of its builder as does its richly decorated interior. But do not let this rugged exterior deceive you, for within it is rich in ornamentation.
Plas Mawr is an architectural gem, the finest surviving town house of the Elizabethan era to be found anywhere in Britain.
It stands as a symbol of a prosperous, buoyant age, epitomised by the style and taste of Robert Wynn, a remarkable and well-travelled courtier and trader who rose to pre-eminence amongst the Welsh gentry. Wynn’s ‘worthy plentiful house’ is especially noted for the quality and quantity of its ornamental plasterwork, now fully restored to its original splendour (look out for the many initials ‘R. W.’ in its crests and coats of arms).
Particularly exquisite is the plaster overmantel in the hall, repainted in its vivid original colours, which immediately proclaimed Wynn’s wealth and status. Other riches in this noble dwelling include the glorious decorated plasterwork ceilings and friezes and skilful carpentry.
Plas Mawr’s authentic period atmosphere is further enhanced by furnishings (many original to the house) based on an inventory of the contents in 1665. Visitors can take an audio-tour of the house which describes the restoration and the life of the Tudor gentry (not just Wynn’s generous entertaining and feasting, but also the work of the servants which underpinned such a lavish lifestyle).
To mark the 400th anniversary of Wynn’s death in 1598, Cadw plan to re-create the Elizabethan garden around the house.

The Most Haunted team visit Plas Mawr located in Conwy, North Wales. The building has been standing for over 400 years, one of Britains best surviving Elizabethan town houses. It was built around 1585 for its original owner Robert Wynn. Both Robert’s two marriages both called Dorothy both had premature deaths. Illness killed the first, but a tragic fall killed the second who was pregnant. Dorthy slipped by accident down the stairs with her child while she was pregnant with another, the doctor came and said she would die, when Robert returned home he found his wife and child both dead in the bed and the doctor had dissapeared never to be seen again. The doctor is rumoured to have suffocated in the chimney whilst trying to escape from her husband because he could not save Dorothy. Are Robert Wynn’s second wife and the doctor who tried but failed to save her still trapped in the bedroom? In the bedroom a ghostly face is seen in the doorway, also the master of the house is said to walk here, he greets people with a ghostly ‘hello’. Also two lady’s have been seen on the second floor, one of them distressed, could this be both the wife’s of Robert who had premature deaths? Alot of poltergeist activity is seen in Plas Mawr, also footsteps are heard and smells of tobacco is smelt by visitors. Touchings by unseen hands are felt, security doors swing open and a ghostly black cat has been seen running across the floor. Parapsychologist Ciaran O’Keefe returns, and Ian Lawman is the guest Psychic.

First Broadcast: 8th August 2006

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