Most Haunted Taunton Castle

Taunton Castle

Some kind of structure has existed on the site of Taunton Castle since Saxon times. In 1138, Henry of Blois, transformed a manor house into this mighty castle and it has been a feature of the town ever since. But perhaps its most notorious age relates back to the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685, known locally as the ‘Duking Days’. Many Somerset people suffered at the hands of the authorities after the failed uprising and Taunton Castle was the scene for some of the trials of the Bloody Assizes, when hundreds of people were sent to their death by Judge Jeffreys, who the Most Haunted team have encountered at various locations before.

Inevitably the castle has gained a reputation for being steeped in the paranormal. In the Great Hall where many of the trials were carried out, the sound of marching feet is heard, thought to be soldiers bringing prisoners to face the bloody assizes. On the castle landing, the figure of a man in period dress and wig, carrying a sword and pistol has been seen and the ghost of a fair-haired woman has been reported. Even the ‘hanging judge’ Jeffrey’s himself, has been known to make a spiritual appearance. And as the team have crossed swords with the Judge in the past, a memorable visit is guaranteed

 First Broadcast: 15th August 2006

4 thoughts on “Most Haunted Taunton Castle”

  1. the table tipping was amazing i loved it that has got to be proof of the paranormal I no where im going to next:)

  2. I am aware of the history of the castle and judge jeffries but i think the judge was familiar with the tudor house a stone throw away from the castle, now a cafe it was once a burnie inn resturant and bar. there was a bar called judge jeffries bar, staff could tell many scary strories about the ghostly goings on, there are underground dungeons and corridors at the cellar bar it is said the judge took his prisoners from here along the underground tunnels to the place of execution.

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