Appuldurcombe House, Isle of Wight

Appuldurcombe House

Description: A 300-year-old manor house in Wroxall, with 52 function, bed and dining rooms.

Era: The existing building dates back to the early 18th century, but there has been a house on the site since 1200.

The original building was a religious house, but for 300 years from the early 16th century Appuldurcombe was the home of the Worsley family and was once the most important estate on the island.

– In the 16th century Henry VIII was entertained here. It was a popular location where he could practice his falconry skills

– In 1587 two boys, the young sons of Richard Worsley, were killed in an explosion at the Gatehouse

– In 1781 Seymour Dorothy Fleming, the wife of Sir Richard Worsley, caused a great scandal by having a high-profile affair. She later admitted to having had 27 lovers

– In 1867 it became a school called Dr Pound’s Academy for Young Gentlemen

– From 1909 the house was unoccupied except by troops during both world wars. In 1943 it was partly destroyed by German bombs
Ghost ratings:
– The ghost of a beautiful woman has been seen in the Stable Cottage

– A ghostly carriage has appeared on the pathway near the entrance to the grounds

– Near the Freemantle Gate boy’s laughter has been heard

– From the window of the Gatehouse figures have been seen moving from the gate down along the drive

– A flickering candle is repeatedly spotted floating around the main staircase
Spooky experiences:
– Unearthly noises are heard in the Stable Cottage when no one is there

– Many visitors have reported cold spots and unexplained temperature changes in the Great Hall

– People often feel that someone is brushing past them on the main staircase

– Eerie shadows have been witnessed dancing on the walls of the cellars, and workers have had the sensation of being watched

– A specific presence is felt in the Gatehouse, while unseen hands leaf through the visitor’s book

 First Broadcast: 7th June 2005

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