Lower Well Head Farm / Tynedale Farm

Description: Both these working farms built in the Pendle Hill area


It is thought that Lower Well Head Farm was built in the 1500’s, while the building at Tynedale Farm was probably built in approximately 1750 although there was a house on the site dating far earlier.


– These two farms, along with the surrounding area, were allegedly used as meeting places for the notorious Pendle Witches and their coven during the early seventeenth Century.

– The Pendle Coven was believed to have been responsible for the murder by witchcraft of seventeen people in and around the forest of Pendle.

– The Device family who were at the centre of the witchcraft charges lived at a place called Malkin Tower, thought to have been somewhere in the fields surrounding these two farms.

– On Good Friday 1612 an important meeting of the witches, thought to be a ‘Sabbat’, a major Wiccan festival, took place at Malkin and many of those who attended were later tried and hanged.
– It is widely considered that the coven collapsed because various witches incriminated each other and their families to the local magistrates. There was a particular feud between members of the Device family and their rivals, the Chattox’s.

– Elizabeth Sothernes, otherwise known as Old Demdike, confessed that the usual method of murder was to make an effigy of the intended victim, known as a ‘picture of clay’. It was then crumbled or burned over a period of time causing the victim to fall ill and die.

– Tynedale Farm is now owned by the Nutter family, descendents of Alice Nutter, one of the Pendle Witches executed in 1612.

– Little is known about the history of Lower Well head Farm, but it is believed to have previously been used as a morgue and the pathway adjacent to the farm is referred to as Corpse Way.

Ghost ratings:
– An apparition of a monk is frequently seen in the area surrounding Tynedale Farm

– A hooded figure has been seen kneeling by the road outside the farm

– A servant girl in a cloak has been witnessed flitting across the land between the two farms

Spooky experiences:

– A group of men out shooting reported to have spoken to a strange woman in a cloak and skullcap who later vanished.

– Footsteps are heard regularly upstairs at Lower Well Head Farm; in particular they are said to echo through the building at 6pm on Saturdays

First Broadcast : 26th April 2005 /3rd May 2005

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