Queen Mary Ship, Long Beach, California

Queen Mary

Description: The ship was commissioned by Cunard Steamship Company Ltd (who merged in 1947 with White Star Line), it was launched on September 26 1934 by Queen Mary and made its maiden voyage on May 27 1936.

– The Queen Mary was originally a luxury transatlantic ocean liner. It also served as a troop ship in World War 2.

-Its major route was between England and the USA. It’s now permanently dry docked at Pier J in Long Beach and is a hotel, museum, restaurant and rental place for special events.

-In total the liner made 1001 transatlantic crossings.

-Between April 15th and 19th 1936 Official speed trials are held in the Irish Sea off the Isle of Arran. British Olympic runner Lord Burghley, ran one lap (400 yards) in evening dress around the Promenade Deck in under 60 seconds.

– May 12th 1936 the Ship was officially handed over from John Brown Shipyard to Cunard White Star Line. On May 25th King Edward VIII, Her Majesty Queen Mary, Princess Elizabeth (now the Queen), the Duke and Duchess of York (soon to be King George VI and Queen Elizabeth), the Duke and Duchess of Kent and the Duchess of Gloucester visit the ship.

– May 27th 1936 The Queen Mary departs Southampton at 4:33 p.m. on her maiden voyage, arriving in at Cherbourg, France at 8:47 p.m. and departing at 12:39 a.m. the following morning. The total journey to New York took 5 day 5 hours and 13 minutes.

– August 19-31st 1936 – On her sixth round-trip voyage, The Queen Mary wins the Blue Riband for the fastest North Atlantic crossings from the French Line’s Normandie. The Normandie won the honor back in 1937. The Queen Mary then won it back in 1938 and held it for 14 years.

– August 30th 1939 Departed Southampton on her final peacetime voyage, carrying her largest number of passengers to date: 2,552, including Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hope and $44 million in gold bullion.

– Between March 1940 and September 1946 the Queen Mary was in war service. During this time she carried a total of 765,429 military personnel, sailed a total of 569,429 miles (916,407 km), carried up to 15,000 troops at one time, carried the wounded returning to the United States, transported Winston Churchill three times to conferences and carried 12,886 G.I. brides and children.

– During War time she was painted camouflage grey and nicknamed the ‘Grey Ghost’. Hitler offered $250,000 and the Iron Cross to anyone who could sink her.

-May 5th 1940 Was her first voyage as troop transport carrying 5,500 troops from Sydney to Scotland.

– February 18th 1942 was the first time she carried American troops (8,398 troops and 875 crew from Boston to Sydney).

– May 11-16th 1942 First time more than 10,000 people had travelled on any ship (9,880 troops and 875 crew). The greatest number she ever carried was 16,683 (15,740 troops and 943 crew) in July 1943.

-October 2nd 1942 The Queen Mary collides with the British Light Cruiser Curacoa. (see related incidents).

-May 5-11 1943 The Queen Mary transported Winston Churchill from Gourock, Scotland to New York. 5,000 German prisoners of war were also on board.

– Between February 3rd and May 19th 1946 the ship completed 6 war bride voyages, transporting 12,886 European Brides and children to the USA and Canada.

– Between May 23rd and September 18th 1946 she completed 7 more ‘War Bride Voyages’. 10 stowaways were found on board on the first crossing. She returned to peacetime passenger service on July 31st 1947

– December 31st 1949 Cunard White Star became Cunard Steam Ship Co. Ltd. December 1963 She completed her first cruise – Southampton to Las Palmas. April 1966, She was put up for sale. July 27th 1966 The $3.45 million Long Beach bid is accepted.

– She retired from regular passenger service on 19th September 1967 (after completing 1,001 crossings of the Atlantic) and arrived in Long Beach December 9th 1967.

– She was removed from British Registry and officially turned over to the City of Long Beach on Monday December 11th 1967.

– November 2nd 1972 the first 150 hotel rooms were opened, the hotel was taken over by the Hyatt Corporation in 1974.

– March 29th 1988 Walt Disney Company took over the Wrather Corporation that then owned the Queen Mary.

– 1992 Walt Disney gives up the lease on the Queen Mary and the Port of Long Beach becomes the operator. The hotel closed. In 1993 The City of Long Beach took over running of the ship from the Port and the hotel re-opened.

Ghost ratings and Spooky Experiences:
– Strange rapping sounds.
– Objects moving of their own accord.
– Disembodied voices.
– Ghostly apparitions.
– A ghost thought to be that of Senior 2nd Officer William Stark is often seen.
– In the now-dry First Class Swimming Pool, two women have been seen, one in 1960’s clothing, one in 1930’s clothes (both are said to have drowned in the pool).
– The girl in ’60’s clothing is seen in the pool area and balcony above in a green bathing suit and walks straight through the support columns.
– A ghostly little boy is seen in the passageway here (it’s thought that he fell overboard in the area near the pool)
– A tour guide and her entire tour group once saw a see-through Naval Officer wearing his dress whites walk straight past them.
– Splashing and laughter is heard coming from the empty pool.
– Wet footprints seen leading from the deck to the changing rooms.
– Changing Rooms – people experience strongly negative feelings here.
– In the Queen’s Salon, a beautiful woman in a flowing white dress is often seen dancing alone (once by a young girl on a tour who knew nothing of the sightings, she insisted the woman was there and described her exactly as others had).
– Unexplainable balls of light are also seen.
– In the First Class Suite area, a man dressed in a 1930’s suit has been seen by tour guides in this area (one caught his image in a mirror in a photo, and lights turn on and off.
– Passengers report heavy breathing and tugging on bed covers.
– In the forward Storage Room, there are sounds of children playing.
– In the Bosun’s Locker there have been unexplained pounding sounds heard and voices.
– the Tourist Class Swimming Pool, the presence of a woman who drowned in here is seen and felt. – In the kitchen, screams are heard, a man dressed as a ship’s cook is seen to enter the kitchen and then disappears, dishes move on their own, lights turn on and off all by themselves, kitchen utensils disappear.
– In the Engine Room, a male apparition wearing a white Boiler Room uniform is seen working on the engine
In ‘G’ Deck (which is thought to be the location of the ship’s morgue), lights flicker and doors slam.


 First Broadcast : Part 1 : 19th July 2005 / Part 2 : 26th July 2005

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