Fitz Manor

Fitz Manor

Situated in the heart of rural Shropshire and overlooking the River Severn, Fitz Manor, an Elizabethan Grade II listed building, has a rich and varied history.

The existing building dates from 1450 but the original structure is thought to have been a Saxon Hall. he first written records date from the 12th Century where it was recorded in the Domesday Book. It was also recorded in the Charter of Henry I. The Manor also has a rich ecclesiastical connection; significantly, it has its own church and was once owned by the Bishop of Shrewsbury.

Since the 18th Century the Manor has been in the hands of the Baly family who now run it as a successful bed & breakfast

The Manor itself is a hotbed of spiritual activity. A priest is rumoured to have been crucified in the dining room for being homosexual, and groans and sobs have been heard here.
Additionally, a figure of a lady has been seen many times in the Red bedroom. She is also reputed to haunt the graveyard and church yard. Reputedly, there is a painting found in the attic of a young Victorian lady, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the figure that people have seen on the grounds.

Finally, in the Orange bedroom, people have smelt a strong and pungent tobacco smell even though nobody has been smoking. This is thought to be the ghost of a family member who smoked a distinctive brand of tobacco that he imported himself.

First Broadcast: 18th November 2003

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