Brannigans Nightclub

Brannigans (Albert Hall)

Series Two of Most Haunted opens with a very spooky investigation into a disused church which occupies the upper floors of Brannigans nightclub in Manchester.Brannigans is Located in the former Albert Hall building in Manchester. It is a popular bar and night club. However upstairs can be found an old disused methodist church with an old organ, believed to be Britain’s largest! Brannigans is supposed to be very actively haunted. There is reported to be Poltergeist activity, spectral sightings and two entities. One of these entities is said to haunt the bar area and is reported to be the Reverend Samuel Collier who preached in the church in 1910. The spirit of Reverend Collier is said to cause glasses to crash to the floor and move across the bar on their own accord.

There are reports of considerable poltergeist activity and spectral sightings, including two entities that, according to spiritualist medium Derek Acorah, did not want a television crew in the building.

First broadcast : 8th April 2003

5 thoughts on “Brannigans Nightclub”

  1. Working there at mo found a room up top with chairs in a circle 6 lads in room we sat down but not for long left room pretty quick

  2. Working there at the min loads goes on in there when your by your self seen a 1or2things that shit me up

  3. WHAT??? The organ in this disused church is ‘believed to be Britain’s largest’? Believed by whom? I suppose it could be argued that it’s the largest organ in a disused Methodist church located over a bar in Peter Street, Manchester!! Otherwise I’d suggest that perhaps Manchester Cathedral contains a larger pipe organ!

  4. Ive Been Brannigans alot of times im always abit nervous when im there once my glass just fell of the table and one time it was abit stuffy in the room then it just went freezing i got the blame for the glass though hahah

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