The Clockhouse , Surrey Hills

The Clockhouse

Part one of the Ruth Ellis ghost mystery. This very large privately owned house, built across Medieval, Georgian and Victorian periods, is said to play host to strange noises, doors opening and closing, dark figures in corridors and a room that seems to harbour a number of spiritual entities.

When spiritualist medium Derek Acorah picks up on the sprit of a woman called Ruth, only the property owner Fred Batt can explain the extraordinary link. Fred also owns a Caesars nightclub in London, which is said to be haunted by 1950s socialite Ruth Ellis.

First Broadcast: 3rd June, 2003

4 thoughts on “The Clockhouse , Surrey Hills”

  1. I didn’t mind spending the rest of my life at this house, ghost or not. It was sad having to leave.

  2. what a lovely house this is i would love to live there, ghosts or not, 🙂 were you sad to leave Marvin? or happy to go because of the ghosts?

  3. I use to live in this house from 1996 to 1998. For sure whenever I was at home alone I always felt the presence of someone watching me or I will hear foot steps in the corridor area. It was always frightening. I am the person who dug the trench by the pond and built the walls by the pond and the other walls with Alan Porter, the previous owner before Fred Batt.

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