Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is a well-known California mansion that was under construction continuously for 38 years, and is reported to be haunted. It once was the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester, but is now a tourist attraction. Under Winchester’s day-to-day guidance, its “from-the-ground-up” construction proceeded around-the-clock, without interruption, from 1884 until her death on September 5, 1922, at which time work immediately ceased. The cost for such constant building has been estimated at about US $5.5 million (if paid in 1922, this would be equivalent to almost $70 million in 2008 dollars).

The mansion is renowned for its size and utter lack of any master building plan. According to popular belief, Winchester thought the house was haunted by the ghosts of individuals killed by Winchester rifles, and that only continuous construction would appease them. It is located at 525 South Winchester Blvd. in San Jose, California. 

There have been a number of strange events reported at the Winchester House for many years and they continue to be reported today. Dozens of psychics have visited the house over the years and most have come away convinced, or claim to be convinced, that spirits still wander the place. In addition to the ghost of Sarah Winchester, there have also been many other sightings throughout the years.

In the years that the house has been open to the public, employees and visitors alike have had unusual encounters here. There have been footsteps; banging doors; mysterious voices; windows that bang so hard they shatter; cold spots; strange moving lights; doorknobs that turn by themselves…. and don’t forget the scores of psychics who have their own claims of phenomena to report.

Join head investigator Yvette Fielding, spiritual medium David Wells, and the rest of the ‘Most Haunted Live’ team for the highlights of their 7-hour investigation. Armed with night-vision cameras, thermal-imaging devices and other paranormal investigation tools, the team will perform a thorough investigation of the mansion and attempt to communicate with the paranormal.

Their investigation will lead them into the basement, through secret passageways, and to the mysterious séance room where Sarah Winchester sought help from spirits to guide her vision to build what is now a 161-room estate. The architecture of the house – doors that lead to steep drop-offs; stairs that lead to ceilings; and a skylight built inside the house – will add an element of surprise.

Most haunted Live USA The Winchester Mystery House : The House That Fear Built On DVD

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First Broadcast in the USA : 19th October 2007
Broadcast in UK : 8th February 2008

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