Most Haunted Live Christmas 2002 : Dover Castle

Most Haunted Live at Christmas takes presenters Yvette Fielding, David Bull, spirit medium Derek Acorah, and the rest of the ghost-hunting team to Dover Castle in a bid to name the band of brigands who beheaded and robbed a young Drummer Boy in the castle grounds.

Dover Castle


One of the largest castles in the country, strategically located at the shortest crossing point to continental Europe, Dover Castle has played a prominent part in national history. Its origins lie in the Iron Age, and a Roman Lighthouse and Anglo-Saxon church can still be seen within the grounds.

William of Normandy strengthened existing Anglo-Saxon fortifications here in 1066, but it was Henry II who set the blueprint for today’s castle when he had the fortifications rebuilt in the 1180’s, adding the massive keep and a series of concentric defences. Over the centuries, the defences were continually enlarged and improved, with the castle retaining a military role into the mid twentieth century. An underground hospital and the command centre used for the Dunkirk evacuation are a legacy from the Second World War.
First Broadcast: 21st December 2002

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