Most Haunted Live 2004 : Spirits in the Skies

Maes Artro Heritage, RAF Llanbedr


On September 11, 12 and 13th, the Most Haunted Live team investigate Llanbedr, North Wales. The site, at Maes Artro Heritage, served as the living quarters for the adjacent RAF Llanbedr air base during WWII. The base opened in 1941 as a training and rest camp for active squadrons. Since then, the base has witnessed much violent loss of life. Unexplained crashes and accidents were frequent and rumours abound of other macabre incidents…

Located in Llanbedr near Harlech, Maes Artro Village Museum includes three different museums that portray life in the 20th century. The RAF Museum gives the history of RAF Llanbedr, which used Maes Artro Village as its living quarters; the Rural Heritage museums shows how people lived before the electric revolution and the Yester Years Museum features a re-created Welsh village street from the 1900.

Broadcast Started : 11th September 2004

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