Acorah rules out ‘Most Haunted’ return

Derek Acorah
Derek Acorah has ruled out returning to paranormal documentary series Most Haunted, describing it as “weak in content”.

The celebrity medium, who worked on the first six series of the Living show, said that he was unhappy with criticism he had received from members of the programme’s team.

Acorah, 60, last appeared on Most Haunted in 2005, but there had been rumours online that he may return to the format.

“I’m never going back to Most Haunted,” he told the Real Radio North East Breakfast Show. “I’m doing other things now and I’m going forward in a different way.

“I wouldn’t go back on it because there were certain issues and I’ve been away from it for so long. Anyway, there were certain issues that were not to my taste and certain negative allegations said against me by certain people within the programme that were grossly unfair and I don’t think I should give them the opportunity of me going back.”

He also argued that the programme “hasn’t got the qualities it had” and that it “hasn’t got the depth”, following his departure five years ago.

By Alex Fletcher, Reality TV Editor

Source: Digital Spy

42 thoughts on “Acorah rules out ‘Most Haunted’ return”

  1. lol is this man for real? Never ever fully explaining how he became ‘possessed’ by a fake spirit the mans arrogance knows no bounds. I doubt very much if he has ever been asked back to the show. There is simply no explanation for the Kreed Kafer incident. The man is a total fake and moron. Bring back David Wells. Haven’t watched MH since he left.

  2. I like David Wells. I also think o’keefe is a snorefest who has no business being on television. I loved the parapsychologist from series 01. He was lovely. O’keefe has NO stage presence. Far too skeptical. No open mind and horrid watching him talk wuite frankly.

  3. Seeing as david wells agreed with most of the crud that dribbled form derek acorahs mouth on most of the shows thay both appeared on he as well should held should be looked apon with the same suspicious frame of mind that we now see derek with.

  4. Quite agree with the last message. You can’t get the moral high ground when the tactics you use are so underhand. Derek made great telly, Cieran by contrast had the personality of a brick. MH was successful remember for its entertainment value not for its scientific assiduity. It simply is not right that you dismiss a lifes work because of two cases that don’t conform, that wouldn’t be fair or logical would it?

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  6. most haunted is comming back by the way on new info received earlier this month .My understanding of it they are doing it technical side of things without a clairvoyant on walk around.While im on about ghosts im doing a ghost hunt at the cage in march need some ghost hunting team so if anyone has any ghost hunting equipment and would like to come please add friend me on facebook and ill give you date its being filmed.£35 PER PERSON

  7. Please stop calling Derek a fake… when Most Haunted itself was faked. Info was fed to Derek by the team before hand, Karl and Stuart ruined Most Haunted when they started with the childish pranks, noises, stones, throwing things ETC… It was Stuart who was caught throwing a glass against a wall (caught on camera) that was used in one of their fake “lets push the glass” Ouija boards/ seances (all faked) When asked why he did it, he says “I don’t know?” well we do… FAKED BULLCRAP!!!!

  8. If Most Haunted ever returns, which it will some time this year I think the show isn’t going to be the same without Derek Acorah. Even-though he has been proven to be a fraud, he was still a very kind and lovely person and I find horrible for Cieron O’keefe to set him up like that, especially on a show being watched by thousands of people. I don’t really know what to believe but if Derek is a fraud or not the show will never by the same without him.

  9. People are so shallow to be duped by this program and this un-christian Dereck Acorah. It’s all about making money. It’s a Comedy for shallow people with low intelligence who believe this” pie in the sky” rubbish. Dereck is Evil and greedy for fame. He simply researched the venues before filming commenced. You just have to look at the man to see he is a con man a Liar, an actor. It is shameful to tell people that you are in contact with their dead relations. This man will surely go to Hell for doing this. And the weak people who watch and want this sort of shallow entertainment, which is not fact deserve to be conned in life.

  10. I disagree about Derek Acorah being a fake as I saw him in action a few years back.Ciaran O’ Keefe should be ashamed of himself for treating Derek like that.

  11. Derek has always shown great kindness and calm over the the whole mess. You never read bad comments from him about others,he is always very open minded, as you would exspect from such a good soul.

    Mrs Feilding got greedy and lost her crown any one can see she was jelaous and such a big head on the programme with her snooty look. Derek ,look what they did to Jesus when he showed his love and altruism to mankind, they nailed hin to a cross, derek you only ever did good for others. Mrs Feilding was sciance mad after derek left, her self interset and greed for a gift she will never have consumed her, and derek could see that and got out.

    Blessings and light to you Derek x

  12. Derek, you were awesome on the show and you made the show be the best that it could! you gave the people what they wanted to know and i know that you aren’t a fake. Ghosts are real and i’ve seen them in my house, poeple choose not to believe because they are scared to. And what i would like to know is if poeple think he is a fake then HOW THE HELL does he come up with the things he does which isn’t available to the public?!? Your awesome Derek, keep doing your great work! 🙂

  13. id also like to leave a message to yvette what took so long to catch derek out what we seen was fake at home on our screens, how come it took so many seasons to catch him out, and do you feel that it has tarnished most haunted as i heard youse was coming back to our screens again,do u feel u may loose veiwers because they think that your hiring fakes,


  15. The guy is a jerk! He’s was PROVEN to be an absolute fake ON The Most Haunted show itself! HOW does he have the cheek to say the programme doesn’t have ‘depth’ It’s HIM that doesn’t have depth AND those on the show who facilitated him in his fakery!

  16. I only recently started watching the show and thought it was great. I laugh out loud at least 3 times in each show. What I’m shocked at though is that people think it’s real! Isn’t this a parody? Anyone wondered why ghosts only ever seem to do the things that are easiest to fake… knocks, bags, heavy breathing, throwing stones, shaking tables, etc….. wouldn’t it be easier if they just spoke out loud?

    PS – love the way Derek is a fake but David Wells isn’t…. as they say ‘there’s one born every minute’ lol

  17. And by the way the Most Haunted team would have Derek back on the show when hell freezes over. He’s never been asked back and never would be!!

  18. How did ciaron ‘make’ derek sense spirits that weren’t there? Are you really that simple? It happened twice in two shows. The crew were discussing names of people who had died there on ciarons instructions. Derek then suddenly became possessed by them? He is a fraud and worse than that, preys on peoples bereavement. How can anyone possibly believe this man is a psychic?

  19. I despair of people who seem unable to live in the real world and see evidence before them. Ciaran O’Keefe made up a fake name and told the crew to make sure Derek overheard it. The name was Kreed Kafter an anagram of ‘Derek Faker’. This was at bodmin gaol and sure enough Derek became ‘possessed’ by the fictious Kreed Kafter. They did this again in another episode and once again Derek said he was possessed by the fake spirit. I just don’t understand people saying ‘come back Derek we know your real’ when it was proven he’s a liar and a fake. If anyone should come back it should be the superb David Wells. Acorah should have been prosecuted. And he has always refused to explain himself regarding his fake possession that day. What a moron!! I have worked within the field of the paranormal for many years and it simply does not happen that someone gets possessed on a daily or weekly basis. He’s as much a psychic as my cat

  20. i was a fan of derek but out of anyone i want david wells to come back 🙂 i just don’t think it would be right with derek anymore

  21. are you people mad? He was proven to be a fake twice. given rumours of fake spirits and then he channeled them. How much more proof do you need? Only person needed on the show is David Wells

  22. I Love the whole team be it Derek or David. To be honest Yvette, Karl & the whole team made it what it is, they have all made paranormal history. Its a terrible Shame Derek feels the way he does, Most Haunted certainly gave him the leg up!!! Where is he now?? Love you Yvette & Karl, keep fighting for your selfes & your fans. 100% behind you. XXX

  23. I love Most Haunted and I wondered if you have ever investigated Crathes Castle in Scotland just outside of Banchory, I have been there a couple of times and the room the Green Lady is said to haunt always feels icy cold me and some friends have also had some spooky experiences. Just a idea. Thanks:)

  24. it is a shame derek left he was the best he made most haunted what it is real and creepy at times davids good but not better than derek well miss you derek good luck

  25. I love Derek Acorah and of course his Guide, Sam. Derek’s not crazy for this! Derek is a perfectly good soul (got a humorous bit in there!) who really doesn’t care what Ciaran O’Keeffe has got to say! To be honest with you, why should he? I think Ciaran is the perfect reason for all the DeadHaunted because really he’s the one making the show fake by making Derek sense an un-real spirit such as Rik Edles. But, in my point of view, Derek isn’t a fake but I’m kind of glad he turnt his offer down!
    Love ya Derek, Brooke

  26. good riddance Acorah, David Wells is more believable and fantastic. Miss the crew loads, please come back soon!

  27. Most Hauted is a brilliant programme in my opinion. Derek Acorah is an amazing, and one of a kind, man who has taken a new branch in his life. Well done him. Mot Haunted was part of his past which has played a great part in his present future. It was the end of an era once he left and it was a sad time. Most Haunted will never be the same but it will always remain fascinatingly fantastic! 🙂

  28. Just in response to stephs comment… if the the team are a ‘shower of useless gits’ why the hell are you on a tribute site?? doesnt quite make sense to me!!

  29. Derek should never go back to most haunted he has got on with his life and the last thing he needs is to go back to that shower of useless gits.The whole crew of MH are a waste of time and energy and should not even be given airtime

  30. I think that Derek left at the right time for everyone,as I believe that he lost his way.The last series he appeared in I didn’t enjoy.I really miss David Wells too.

  31. The show has greatly changed over the years since Derek was on MH, not always for the good of the show. I have been an avid viewer since MH first went on tv and can only say that it has not been as interesting since Derek and David left the show. Mediums who have been on since don`t seem to have the same presence as the aforementioned, or is it maybe, they haven`t been given the chance to show their skills as mediums? I know Yvette is in charge of how the shows go out, but if she and Ciaran did a little less chatting and let the mediums do their work, then viewers would get their enthusiasm back.

  32. Of course he won’t be going back after Ciaran set him up and proved him to be a liar. He brought ridicule to the show with his over the top “possessions”. BRING BACK DAVID WELLS!!!!!!!

  33. I think you should thing about going back because the show is not what it seams with out you not saying it not true i believe in every thing and you can not fake possessions you really inspired me when where on the show i could listen to you talks for a long time on end. Thanks

  34. I so agree with him here. Derek was the first who saw the shenanigans going on in the show. I’m glad he left when he did, because Most Haunted would never be the same again. God speed, Derek, and good luck in the future.

  35. i beleave everything derick has commented on i know cause i have suffered the same ! due to greed and lust bless

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