An Odd Post : But Please Support Virgin Trains West Coast Line

In the 6 years of Tribute Most Haunted I have never promoted anything personal to me, but now I ask you all to please support something very dear to me.

You have all seen it it on the news it was annouced Virgin Trains has lost the West Coast Line to a higher bidder. Why is this dear to me to you ask.

My daughter left school some 7 years ago, like so many others, with no plans for the future. She was lucky when she landed her first job working for a contractor supplying catering hostesses for Virgin Tains. I was so proud my daughter had her first job, over the years she has blossomed in her job since being employed by Virgin Trains, become a stronger person, got married and made me even prouder of her.

She rang me on Tuesday fearful of her job, and so the Virgin story unfolded. I read these news articles in depth and through this I ask for your support.

If you don’t know whats going on please I ask you to read the news and make your own mind up. My view is strong, firstly yes its personal I fear for my daughters job, secondly I ask a question ! After the what the country has been through and promises from governments, bidders on contracts and a like do you really believe anyone coming in from the cold can do a better job than Virgin or is it just another bid to line a companies pockets then just up the prices and lower the services once they have the contract ??

Please support me in this and visit Reconsider West Coast Mainline franchise decision

Thanks for listening and supporting Tribute Most Haunted and hope you may support me in this

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