David Wells Leaving Most Haunted

David Wells has commented on the rumours he is to leave Most Haunted.
As published on http://www.wellsangels.co.uk/, his official fansite.
Hello Angels.

I thought it fitting to announce on my official fansite and to all my lovely fans that the rumours of my departure from Most Haunted are in fact true. I have had the most wonderful time working with the team over the past few years but the travelling and the energy the show takes out of me was taking a toll on my health.

Sometimes in life we have to make some tough choices and this has been one of them, I will miss everyone on the show and wish Most Haunted continued success.

Moving forward I am concentrating on my writing and most exciting of all, getting out and about doing workshops and lectures throughout this country and others.

I am sure of your support and I am grateful for it.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

David x

Paul, Mandy and all at Tribute to Most Haunted wish David all the best for the future.

16 thoughts on “David Wells Leaving Most Haunted”

  1. David – you are the best medium EVER and I just love the way you work with spirt x
    You were slways far too good for MH and hopefully, one day, we will se you on
    Tv again but on a show more deserving of you. You truly are a gifted man
    ss well as kind and gentle. I’d truly be honoured to meet you in person one day.
    I wish you all of the luck in the world – ALWAYS. XXX

  2. Dear David, thankyou for sharing your wonderful gifts with us. I will miss seeing your lovely kind face on Most Haunted. You have taught me a great deal, as I have had good and bad experiences with spirit. I have tried to adopt your calm caring ways when I have had these experiences. Never have I seen someone so genuine and matter of fact when comfronting these entities. You have a soft side but also a strong commanding side. Again thankyou for enlightening us to spirit. I live in Australia and would very much like to see you in action some day. I find you extraordinary. I wish you all the happiness in the future with your professional and private life. For some reason you are in my heart. Take care. Love and Light xxxxx

  3. All the best David, will miss seeing your lovely face on most haunted. Really enjoyed watching you do you work. You came across very genuine and caring towards your collegues. Hope you have every happiness in the future x

  4. I did watched you and it seems that you were so accurate and honest with what you felt and seen.Some its like making it up not saying you but the rest of the group sounds exaggerating…Tell me if I am wrong :(…Good Luck David…

  5. just wanted to join everyone else in wishin david all the best with wotever you choose to do & that you r really missed on MH. good luck david xx

  6. Sad to see David go having watched Most Haunted over the years you can just tell that David Wells is the real deal.My ex Mel who met David at Witchfest a few years ago said that she felt one of the reasons as to why David left the programme was because they are quite disrespectful to spirits and a lot of it was just for pure entertainment and showmanship. Which i whole heartedly agree with.I am just so glad that Derek is no longer involved in the programme what great entertainment value and what a great actor he was!! The best bit for me was when he picked up on the risdule energy of washing machines!! That had me in stitches and of course adopts Scouse accent *The Mary Loves Dick Eppy Blimey talk about how to kill off your career as a respected psychic in one easy step.
    Thank God for David bringing some kinda crediblity back to the show.You can tell Mr Wells is very gifted i personally wonder as to what age did he realise he possessed such an amazing gift??) He shows great respect but can understand that to do what he does must take a lot so much of his energy i once helped cleanse my old house which we released with a friend someone who also posses the same ablity as David.And it busted my psychic wide open so to do what David does must be exhausting week week out…Look forward to David’s books in the future Good Luck to David and everything he does in the future. Long may he continue to outshine and use his wonderful gift to teach the world of the paranormal.I for one shall be watching his career with keen Interest..All the best to David.

  7. Like all the other messages I am so sorry that david is leaving the most haunted show, he was the most likeable, and genuine man, the show definatley wont be the same without him

  8. you are the best David, ever since i was a small child iv been able to sense and see spirit.at times it frightens me as i do not know how to channel it,watching you gives me a sense of peace,you are a lovely gifted kind soul and you will be missed.god bless you David, i wish you all the best in what you have chosen to do.

  9. The only medium I actually believe is David Wells. He is so accurate and comes across as a lovely, genuine person as well..unlike others. I have seen, heard and sensed ‘things’ myself but if I was in any doubt about the afterlife before, David has cemented my beliefs. Will be missed on Most Haunted. Good luck.

  10. david you will be a big miss on most haunted & it wont be the same without you, i wish you all the best with your future plans & hope to read your books. good luck to you xx

  11. David to me you are the best medium that has been on most haunted(no offence to the other mediums)i have always liked you because the way you work to be honest.i hope to read some of the books you plan on writing, i would love to actually meet you but you will busy with the writing and the other things you plan on doing.Good luck in the future!

  12. With being down here in NZ we are so far behind in this series, and I remember seeing shows with Derek (didn’t like) and then David and now your suddenly not there and its Brian (don’t like either). I only watched the show to see David as I agree with everybody else you are the most sincere and honest medium I have seen and even though its hard over the tv to know if this is real or not there is just something about David you just know he is real.

  13. So sorry that David will not be on most haunted as this was the only reason we watched the show. This man is the real thing. Thank you for your wonderful work.
    From New Zealand

  14. I have never sent mail to a personality or fanclub before but I feel that I had to (eventually) join with others to wish david every success for the future and with the book(s). Having watched Most Haunted since series 1 I totally agree that he is the only medium I trust. He seems so sincere and genuine and BELIEVABLE.unlike some who seemed to be taken over every week. I will follow David’s career with interest nd hope one day to meet him in person for a reading

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