Future Plans For Most Haunted

* When MH Returns,It will Be on a Free View Channel as Karl has said and also to be More Global for the Fans Old and New Worldwide.


* There will be some usual faces but also a couple of new ones on the New MH Team and they want to bring members of the public on the investigations too


* There Will be NO usage of Mediums for Future MH Shows.


* There Will Be Outtakes at the End Of Each MH Episode.


* The MH Team will be also be Investigating Every Day Homes For Future Most Haunted and also Every type of Location In Ireland,Uk and Abroad with Good Hauntings.


* The MH Team Hope to revisit Some Classic MH Locations From Past Shows from Lives and Series.


* The MH Team have lots Of Ideas up there Sleeves for Future MH.


* The Show will be back Bigger and Better and with more Scientific experiments and a Futuristic Feel.


* Karl Beattie about MH in 3D: We have developed 3D technology that give us full HD 3D night vision images and we would love to do it in 3D.


* There Will Be More Fan Interaction for the Episodes and Live Shows.


* Antix Productions Recently Signed up with Lionsgate to help with Future MH and Ghost Hunting With Shows and Also Any New Shows etc


* There will Be New Mobile Apps running alonside Future MH

Source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/most-haunted-the-next-generation/what-we-can-expect-on-future-most-haunted/239889292784294

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