Future Plans For Most Haunted

* When MH Returns,It will Be on a Free View Channel as Karl has said and also to be More Global for the Fans Old and New Worldwide.


* There will be some usual faces but also a couple of new ones on the New MH Team and they want to bring members of the public on the investigations too


* There Will be NO usage of Mediums for Future MH Shows.


* There Will Be Outtakes at the End Of Each MH Episode.


* The MH Team will be also be Investigating Every Day Homes For Future Most Haunted and also Every type of Location In Ireland,Uk and Abroad with Good Hauntings.


* The MH Team Hope to revisit Some Classic MH Locations From Past Shows from Lives and Series.


* The MH Team have lots Of Ideas up there Sleeves for Future MH.


* The Show will be back Bigger and Better and with more Scientific experiments and a Futuristic Feel.


* Karl Beattie about MH in 3D: We have developed 3D technology that give us full HD 3D night vision images and we would love to do it in 3D.


* There Will Be More Fan Interaction for the Episodes and Live Shows.


* Antix Productions Recently Signed up with Lionsgate to help with Future MH and Ghost Hunting With Shows and Also Any New Shows etc


* There will Be New Mobile Apps running alonside Future MH

Source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/most-haunted-the-next-generation/what-we-can-expect-on-future-most-haunted/239889292784294

1,042 thoughts on “Future Plans For Most Haunted”

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  2. good morning nikki xxx Vicki xxx debby xxx Claire xxx hope everyone is ok and well lovley morning today yes I will go to chat to Vicki xxx @nikki thank you winks xxx

  3. Morning all
    @Jason Hi mate ooh good name lol for eg ,give it a go anyway , yeah i think Living with the dead is a repeat but i’m not sure if i watched any so i’m setting my planner up to record the series .

    Anyway who’s up for a change of scenery???
    shall we join Vicki over at MOST HAUNTED CHAT page as she is struggling to get on this one , all in favour say AYE!!!!!!! lol
    see you on there then unless she comes back to this one !!!!


  4. good morning nikki xxx Claire xxx debby xxx Vicki xxx hope every one is ok and well no haven’t singed up yet lol thinking off a nickname wearwolf69 lol @Claire living with dead is a repeat I think then again might be wrong again lol ghsothunters is on tonight at waverly hills for a third time ?

  5. Good Morning Lurvly peeps
    @Claire Thanks Master Nikki is loving his nw transportation , he’s been riding it quite a bit lol
    i’ve visited Eg saw your pm’s so i will be on today sometime to reply !

    omg you wern’t kidding about the gore ! yeuuuch that poor beheaded lady , the photo’s ewww v gory and yes they didn’t have to overplay that “Yes we get the drift ” lol
    but a v interesting ep and i’m liking the lookbacks as well .

    last one of touch morrow boo hoo i do hope ther’s another series , but like you said i think they will leave us hanging like last time !

    MMM prehaps you can tell us another time of your embarrassing moped adventure !!!!

    MM Living with the dead not sure i have heard of that but thanks for the heads up ! will look on planner x

    dont know if it’s a wind up or not really mate , re king Karl , anything is possible from what we have heard , but it would be a mighty shame like i’ve said before to close this site down just because of some opinionated people wether good or bad , everyone is entitled to freedom of speech , and it doesn’t stop Karl either to speak his mind !!!

    So yes we will welcome j on Eg when it happens

    I didn’t see the moon either last night mate , it would of been out of this world if it took on the identity of a real strawberry!!!! or is that just my wicked warped hopeful mind ?????

    anyway laters aligators av a gud monday
    W/wishes xxxx

  6. Hi All

    @ Nikki hehe the “Posh Site” talking of “Posh Sites ” The Griff has been busy here eh πŸ˜‰ Very nice !! kinda feel a bit bad not using the proper pages.
    I spotted The Griff yesterday on Access and on the Yvette Poll. It kinda kicked awf again oops. He gave a balanced opinion nice one πŸ™‚
    I know mate King Karl and his “bold move” …… do you think its a wind up ? you know like this will give them something to talk about ? or is he serious ?
    It seems a bit extreme to me? how can he expect to gag WWW ?
    Tell you he should be concentrating on bringing back MH instead of worrying about Trolls or people disagreeing with him. That would shut a lot of folks up if he got a channel …..”just saying” πŸ˜‰
    Yes i am pleased for Sally too! The Daily Mail would not have taken that lying down! So i think she has been put through it the last 18 months! But,….. i think she would welcome that to clear her name! Maybe she will get back on tv now?
    Strange “set up” that, imo πŸ˜‰
    Also earpieces are quite normal for media mediums, anyway, yeah good for Sal x

    Well they are still voting ermmm bit of a stink about it too πŸ˜‰ but i dont think it will make a difference now Yvette is way out in front Si’s Soldiers done him proud!

    No matter your busy x ……. anyways “theres more” πŸ˜‰ always agree mate x yup J has not taken the plunge yet but when he does we will give him a Tribute welcome on the introduction page.

    Hope you enjoy GA one of them was another flash back.x

    Hey there is a programme called Living With The Dead on i recorded it but i have not watched yet. Its on Sky Livingit next sunday 11pm … i think its a repeat so ?

    Awww brilliant well done Master Nik what a rush for him there will be no stopping him now. I can understand that mate xxxxxx but it will come in handy if you need a pint of milk πŸ˜‰ You know i bought a Moped to get to my first job it was a very sick one (although i did not know that at the time)……. i will never forget scooting home. It was Bonfire-night and well, my exhaust made more noise than the fireworks …… there is a lot more to that story but it is still extremely embarrassing πŸ˜€
    So i was not cool like your wee man πŸ˜‰ Anyway well done for him!!!!! catch you later x

    No news re MH so i’m awf W\wishes, ooo did anyone see the SuperMoon last night it was hiding from me.

  7. Hi guys
    @Jason Cool mate come an join EG , the posh site we called it once lol ! hey i see you sooooon you werewolf you !!!!

    @Paul Thanks again ,we have made some good friendships on here , be a shame for it to close Tribute TO GO ON !!!!!!!

    @Claire YESSSSSSS GO GO SALLY MORGAN POWER hA put that in your pipe Karl and smoke it!!!!!! now that’s what i’m talking about sweet sweet justice for something that’s been an awful time for her RESULT!!!!
    Hope degsie gets the same !!!
    OMG yes i think i’m lost for words too !! how long ago was Blue Peter with yvie in ????? jeez louise .
    oooooh strawberry moon love strawberries and cream mmmmm cream stop it nik !!!!!

    caught your pm on eg thanks Claire just havent got round to replying yet , must watch gory GA guys lol bless em .
    glad you agree which i know you do !!!
    be nice to see jason on there too !!!

    W/wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ooh btw my son passed his CBT he can now drive legal beagel on his 50cc on the road for two years bless him i will still have kittens every time he will go out though lol

  8. Remember the Sally M “earpiece” ?? update!!!

    I wanted to write a message that was for my supporters after the court case results yesterday. It’s now live on my blog if you’d like to see it. xSx



    Yvette Fielding:
    I can’t believe I’m winning!!! It’s all thanks to you. Your amazing! Big, big kiss to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Simon MostHaunted HealyAccess All Areas Of Paranormal With The Karl & Yvette Team Support Group
    I would just like to say how Proud I am of each and every one of you never seen such amazing Support and you all mean so much to Myself,Karl,Yvette and Fred!!
    Thank You Thank You Thank You for voting Yvette and lets heep her number 1
    and here is to exciting times ahead x
    Im truely lost for words every Day on here lol

  9. Hi All

    @ Paul great stuff posting King Karls latest what did he call it? soap box.

    “I am taking the bold step of shutting down all social media sites which use the name Most Haunted and start my own one where politeness, understanding and constructive criticism will be welcome, I am sure there will be some that will β€˜troll’ it but they will be quickly blocked.”

    Terrible!!! can he do that? ….good to know that you will keep us up to date on that Paul.

    Have you thought about a name change to get around his restrictions ?
    What about : Tribute To The Show That Must Not Be Named ……. ok maybe not that but ?

    We cannot let free speech be stolen from us surely????? If we can help in anyway we will.
    Thanks again for binning the code, so glad you found a way around the spam …… talking of spam great new chatting page too πŸ˜‰
    Have a great sunday x

    @ Jason hiya!! long time no see mate how are you keeping?
    I was beginning to think we had lost you!
    Yes those pesky codes were a challenge! glad the boss has banished them πŸ˜‰
    Yeah i know mate …[eyeroll]… but that was maybe last week ?………..
    I mean do they think we are demented, (ahem)… Mrs B, who are you trying to kid? You did say that!! and so has everyone else.

    Thank gawd indeed and like Nikki says fingers crossed for a GA Halloween. Nice to see you xx

    @ Nikki, Honestly! they would confuse anybody? but they should really keep their stories straight. πŸ˜‰
    I watched the Hellfire Caves ep on youtube last year but it will not stop me watching again, although, i think blood was smeared in that ep? yikes ….. Mind, wait till you see last weeks, oh dear gore aplenty.
    Hmmm yes there is a lot to investigate in Lincs!! so come on GA Nikki will put the kettle on and bake you a cake πŸ˜‰
    Ahhh yes the good old days when they were ontelly……… I enjoyed the Happy Monday ep of GHW πŸ˜€ …. another show that has just vanished eh? oo and what happened to their film Malum hmmmm.
    Awwww Mum i just googled CBT Test oooooooo all the best for that!!! I hope your boy gets his wheels x !!!! # born to be wild # πŸ™‚

    @ Vicki lol oops are you sure? lmao, ok well nearly. Now if he were still a member of the MHRoyal family i might have got away with giving him an extra Birthday πŸ˜‰ Anyway i still hope he had a good day on his not Birthday. Thanks, as always for keeping me right mate.

    Yes the dangling of carrots …. oo they do it well eh Still so many chasing that carrot πŸ˜‰ Soon hmm? well i thought i knew what it meant but it got lost in the MH translation me thinks as soon has come and gone a long time ago now. But apparently they never said MH was returning? soooo

    Yes i seen that !!!!! Well i would not be surprised if he does shut folks down and start his own forum “My Way or the Highway”
    I ######## erm ……. well i think a name change here, could save us maybe?

    Well i hear Yvette is a Clash fan πŸ˜‰

    Sorry mate i did not know about that? i do not follow the Haunted mag fb page? But yeah your right there is no news. My point is that the Haunted mag is using the same carrot as MH. So maybe the MH should be in front of the Haunted. πŸ˜‰
    Hehehe well i aint holding my breath for an exclusive from the “MOLE”

    I did see “someone” mention to “someone” lmao sorry, that “someones” article had been stopped. But yup send it, it may have been a different “someone”. lmao oh dear

    Nah i dont get it either?….. its a lil ? Apparently they were at it till their fingers bled poor souls. Still,… they are winning it for her, so, everyone is happy. Big pats on the backs for them. And the Queen is delighted with her loyal subjects.
    I am glad they are all so chuffed honestly! It gives them something to do and also helps the cause of promoting MH. I may have sounded sarky, so, sorry! i do wish them lots of luck and honestly the fact that MH is still on the shelf, well, they need all the help they can get! so go team Access.
    Sounds good hope you made time for that i wish i could draw and paint.

    Super Full Moon Wishes!!! (aka Full Strawberry Moon)
    Whatever you wish for i wish for that too!
    And pray that your hopes dreams and wishes come true!! xxx

    Anyway guys if you have not read Karls 10 commandments ooops article the webmasterPaul has it up there on the right πŸ˜‰

  10. Hi guys

    @Hi vicki , hope you are ok mate ,yup guess will just have to watch this space for the site , but i thank paul genuinly for everything he has done for this site and listening to us THANKS PAUL
    oooh lots of stuff said on eg mmmm, kinda known all along .

    How did you get on with your drawing ? it really calms you doesn’t it sometimes , depending on the art form .

    enjoy your sunday , take care xx

    hi to debby hope you are resting and getting lots of tlc

    Hi jason no codes thanks to paul yeaah , have a good sunday

    Hi there Claire prob see u on eg ! It will be disappointing if it effects the site really as that’s what brought us all together in the first place ,so here’s hoping Paul’s hard work wont end eh?
    take care
    W/wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. good morning nikki xxx Claire xxx debby xxx Vicki xxx @nikki im ok thank you ,be great if there was a ga live Halloween ,@Vicki great to see you again hope you are well xxx @Claire hope you are well hope we do get something for Halloween this year ,anyway have a nice sunday got chicken today mmmmmmmm lol

  12. Thanks for the update, Paul.

    That’s ok, we understand why you needed to have it. Thank you again for everything. xx

    I hope it doesn’t affect this site either, but time will tell.

    Have a great weekend. My best to you and yours. xx

  13. Hey all
    Caught up with all your comments.
    I had to put the captcha on as getting so much spam, but used other methods to resolve this, so BYE BYE captcha
    Sorry about trouble it caused.
    As you are aware from Haunted Issue 6 Karl is going to ‘act’ on Social Media sites using the ‘Most Haunted’ name.
    I sincerely hope this won’t affect this site, but if it does I will let you all know.
    Alas I am out of the MH gang association now so we will have to wait and see.
    Have a great weekend xx
    Paul (AKA The Webmaster)

  14. Hello, Jason, great to see you again! xxx

    Debby too, heard about what happened. Hope you get better soon. xxx

    Thank you, Paul! X

    Claire, Dr C’s birthday is 21st March, the spring equinox. Still a magical date. πŸ˜‰

    It’s all weasel words, unfortunately, they’re trying to cover themselves for it not coming back this year, but they want to keep their fans’ interest, so they throw out that little morsel for them to keep them quiet; the fact remains it’s been ‘soon’ for a few years now, I know they’ve had the DVD and it takes time, but over a year is not ‘soon’.
    Hmm… ‘soon’, you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

    I also hear Karl wants only MH-approved MH Forums, all the better to keep the mouthy ones in line. πŸ˜‰
    As the lyrics to Know Your Rights by The Clash go “You have the right to free speech… As long as you’re not dumb enough to actually *try* it!” It has been suggested in some quarters that this is not enough… Well, get off the page! πŸ˜‰

    It’s gone because there’s no MH news to report, harsh as that sounds. Did you see the comment by Peregrine Bancroft on Haunted Mag’s FB? Sort of confirmed what I already suspected.
    Haunted: The Magazine and Blog – got your solicitor’s letter – two can play at that game, if you don’t publish my Most Haunted Mole feature this issue expect some retribution!!
    View Post Β· June 6 at 5:55pm
    Is it even worth speculating? Really?

    I hear an article by a name we’ve heard before was held off publication too. I should have sent you the convo, I’ll do that later.

    I heard about that. They were willing to forgo a night of chat to ballot stuff for their ‘Queen of the Paranormal’, some willing to pull an all nighter if need be to do it. I don’t know what to make of that, do I admire the dedication, but to actually spend as many hours as they are (they’re still at it by the sounds of things) block voting/ballot stuffing in an online poll, I just don’t get it.

    Anyway, I fancy doing some drawing, not sure what, just fancy drawing something. See you later. Take care. xxxx

  15. hIYA GUYS

    @First of all THANKYOU webmaster for removing captcha code , it was getting a bit grr aahh lol so much appreciated

    @Jason Hello there stranger how the devil are you !? yes we have much love for them GA lads , v good show , and claire bless her has sent an email to really requesting some live from GA boys for Halloween ! they sent her a good reply back ,fingers crossed eh? great they are doing Hellfire Caves , can’t wait for their take on it!

    @Claire Howdy doody there 3 cheers indeed! phew no more grrr moments , Well ok yes i’m sooo confused (dont take much) as to what’s going on or not as the case maybe ,i will chat more on eg !!!! wink
    not seen the lads in action this week yet but Good they are going to Hellfire caves , i would love them to do a whole series in Blighty ! hope they come to Lincs castle and prison woohooo be down there like a shot , well MH did twice one with the Happy Mondays which was a good ep then a saturday live one which i have kept on my planner , because it was a goodie ,oh hum the good ole days !!!!
    My lad has got his CBT test today , everything is crossed , but it doesn’t stop this mama from worrying !!!!
    enjoy the rest of saturday
    w/wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. good morning nikki xxx Claire xxx debby xxx Vicki xxx hope everyone is ok and well sorry haven’t been on much lately ,still no news yet thank god that code thing as gone well done webmaster ,well she said it was coming back on her face book thingy grrrrrrrr thank god for ghost adventures its getting better all the time and I see there doing hellfire caves next Thursday

  17. Hi All

    Hope things are well with you all πŸ™‚

    No news on MH but the digi mag is out ermmm in the Ask Yvette feature, she says that they never said that MH was coming back …. REALLY? …. and then in the same breath she said, soon VERY soon! ???

    Confused ?…yup me too.

    A MH Mole was supposed to feature in the mag you know? and reveal exclusive MH content?
    Well , … erm issue 5 no content …. but a big promise for issue 6.
    Guess what no news but they will try for issue 7.

    Fb chat night was cancelled so that members could vote for Yvette to win the best ever Blue Peter presenter award. Karl asked fans to help her win so ….

    Hi Guys, let’s get together for Mrs B. The Radio Times are doing an online ‘favourite Blue Peter presenter’. Please can you all get on and vote for the lovely bird that is my wife, Thank you all xxxxxx: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2013-06-18/who-is-your-favourite-blue-peter-presenter-of-all-time

    Gawd there good eh?

    Ok peeps have a lovely weekend take care W\wishes xxx
    Super Full Moon on the 23rd June πŸ˜€

  18. Hi All

    I must be worthy today only 2 tries got me through the veil of codes ….. gawds teeth!!!

    c’est impossible!!!

    @ Debby ooo we missed you πŸ™‚ So glad we are receiving you xx

    @ Nikki yes thank goodness whatwhatwhats? with the ad covering the codes ? nightmare!!

    BTW! thanks again for the nod to watch The Tudors wow! Did you know that the guy who was King Henrys best pal ? you know the one that managed to die naturally πŸ˜‰ is now Superman? that sounds like a good summer family movie x

    Well its friday … again!! but its a special magical friday June 21st Summer Solstice ahhh plenty magic afoot today πŸ˜‰

    I may be wrong but i think its a certain Dr C Birthday so have a good one (sorry if i’m wrong)

    OOO GA was a little gruesome last night eh jeeeze boys whats with the slasher effects continually being shown ewwww too much!!!

    No news from MH…………

    I hope you all have a little magic in your lives W\wishes xxx

  19. BOO !
    AAAH CODES ?????

    @Debby my love how are you ?? hope you dont mind but winnie gave me the update ,and i’m sending warm thoughts and much love to you and your family as i write , what a time you have had of late , we were all worried about where you’d got to , we are all here for you my lovely .
    yes these codes are slightly doing one s head in !!!!!!!!!
    stay strong xxxxxxxxx

    we still have EG at least if it goes pear shape here xxx

  20. Hi All

    Nightmare posting nowadays you need eyes like a flaming hawk to catch that code !!!!!!!!!

    Well folks i sent a wee email to Really Tv to ask if they might consider showing a GA Live this Halloween. And they replied πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your email.

    Thank you for your programme suggestion on Ghost Adventures to be shown around the Hallowean Period.

    We keep a log of all requests and we will pass your suggestion on to the relevant channel team, who will look into it. We can sometimes acquire rights to suggested programmes and love to see this type of feedback.

    Kind regards

    The UKTV Team

    So fingers crossed it does not have to be an “actual Live” an almost Live would do eh? Better than nowt like last year and what is it now Vicki? Silver Shamrock says 134 days πŸ˜‰

    What else erm this from Mrs B,

    “no one really knows
    how hard Mr B has been working
    to Bring Most Haunted Back. He is constantly in meetings, talking to
    USA at all hours and rarely gets sleep; such is his
    commitment to it. Saying that we are now very close
    and hopefully will have some good news for you
    VERY soon.”

    Kinda put off posting links as it is such a flaming nightmare trying to catch that code its like a Quest, “only the worthy will post!” so i may or may not πŸ˜€
    Wwishes xxx

    Ps i am off to EG couple of pm’s hmmm, one from the wonderful BT, A N D,……. Debby! “Shes Alive!!!! “

  21. Hi All

    @ Vicki hello you!!! xx. Yeah nice work from da boss, but catching that codes a bit of a challenge πŸ˜‰
    I know really miss Debby, no she got a new Ipad for her Bday !!!! πŸ˜€ Maybe she got a bonus pressy of a horse and is bonding or just busy Mum stuff, i hope she is ok.

    LOL gawd help him will that ever go away its etched in my mind deary me that was “Bad” a bit cringtastc gotta luv Derek.

    lmao hehe yup Silver Shamrock says 136 days till Halloween hmmm not looking hopeful is it. Mind at least Karl did not make any promises for that!
    Excellent point my friend πŸ˜‰ but slate them he will! ahhh well we will find out the content of that! article soon enough its out today i believe? Apparently Si’s article is a bit ooo too ?
    Good to see you matex

    @ Nikki, hope Dad had a fab day yesterday xx and yeh for him helping you post!! i had to keep refreshing the page and get a quick peek at the code phew. Thing is that ad will not go away.

    Yeah good vibes to Debby and her fam x

    Hmm i hope so, what was it last week? MJ’s, kid tried to kill herself! deary me gawd love them x

    OOO re ironing ouch with that much you kinda go into robo ironer zone eh? nice tunes πŸ˜‰
    GA documentary 2004 is on you tube i keep meaning to watch it thats how they started, they got some pretty good evidence too. Love those guys thank gawd Really picked that show up maybe we should write to Really and suggest a Halloween Live?
    lmao scary eh jeeeze Christmas ooooo yup get the Holiday in the bag first Ma. My pal from school went to drum practice i can still hear her first lesson MummyDaddyMummyDaddyMummyDaddy honest to gawd! keep the beat lol
    Righto x

    @ Debby keep your eyes peeled for the code under the com box ….. hope your ok mate x

    Well no news not sure if i have a clip either? right i’m awff tay ……W\wishes xxx
    Have a great week all xxx

  22. Hi guys
    @HI CLaire and Vicki Well whats this captcha code now?? i had a ruddy great big advert over the code as well Lol !!! , but Mr niikki came and helped me YEAH FOR FATHERS!!!! LOL bless em

    yes haven’t seen Debster in a while , so it may be computer probs , hope it is and all is well with her and her family.

    Poor MJ literally let the guy R I P pleasse !!

    ironing has to be done alas poor yorik , but i always slip a tune on to take the tedium away
    i put on ELO’s compilation album , then after MUse The 2nd law their latest Yes i had that much ironing !!!!!!!lol
    watched a bit of GA 1st ep where they were talking about haunted hotels and hospitals , i had no idea they have been going since 2004 , how far they have come !

    AAAA the other day lil nikki said she would like a drum kit for Christmas !!! to then i added “WHAAAATTT” we’ve not been on holiday yet !!! ….and “WHAAATT” they staying at your nana’s !!!!!!!

    I do hope we get something worth watching on Halloween for gawd’s sake a GA live would be epic .

    nice to hear Chris C busy x

    okay lovely ladies i’m awfff
    W/wishes enjoy the rest of Sunday xx

  23. I see the site’s been updated. Nice to see the events from The Ghost Hunting Co on the front page. Maybe one day. πŸ™‚

    Hello, how is everybody? Has anyone seen Debby? I hope it’s just computer problems and that she’s ok.

    I still remember the Michael Jackson Seance with Derek. That was toe-curlingly embarrassing.

    Never mind 191 days to Christmas, it’s 137 days until Halloween. πŸ˜‰ Karl can slate the forums all he likes, but it’s not their fault he’s not got it together to bring MH back.

    The CAPTCHA Code? Yes, only seeing half the code, but I’ve found a way around that, so it ought to post.

  24. Lots of love to all the Daddies out there xxxx have a good one xxxxxx

    Hi All πŸ˜‰

    oo this sites going through a grim patch eh πŸ˜€

    @ Nikki lo there x ……
    Yes it did, but there was a bit where they seemed to be in a formation ?
    Still i’m pretty convinced that its Lanterns? …… as if that regiment of UFO’s had actually landed, then surely it would have made the news πŸ˜‰
    Yes gawd rest him x, but you have put an image in my mind of him dancing in the court singing “my bad” ooooooooooo zzzat too much? Sorry MJ devotees x poor man R I P.

    Yup same here my friend, it was roasting a min ago now its gearing up to shower …… lovely, hmmmmm.

    Ironing awwwww Muuuum you need a maid! what tunes accompanied you ??

    Have a good sunday mate x

    No news………………… 191 days till Christmas !!!
    link from Chris C to follow he is doing Astrology charts.
    May post something else ??
    Be good W\wishes xxx

  25. Morning all just !
    @Claire Hiya mate yeah that defo looks like chinese lanterns lol as for MJ’s ghost pipng up mmm i dont think that would go down well in court really ,you couldn’t prove it otherwise .
    unless god rest his soul he appeared there himself !!!!!!
    well asilly day with rain one minute then a burst of sun then rain grrrrr, so the guineas are inside today in their pen whislt i clean their cage out.
    Not doing much today just chilling , and then ironing with some music on!!!!!!

    Have a good Saturday yall

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