Ghost Hunting Course With Most Haunted’s Ciaran O’Keeffe

Ciaran O'Keeffe

WANNABE ghost hunters can now sign up for a course teaching how to carve out a career as a spooks spotter.
Paranormal investigators are offering advice in a new career session taking place next week.

The ‘So You Want To Be A Ghost Hunter?’ course is being run by star of TV’s “Most Haunted”, Ciaran O’Keeffe, and full time ghost hunter Steve Parsons.

It will teach students how to connect with the dead through lessons at Edinburgh’s The Scotsman hotel, followed by a field trip to one of the spooky Real Mary King’s Close – where plague victims are said to have been buried alive.

We’ve managed to get a sneak preview of the course with some top tips on Ghost Hunting from the paranormal pair, who are both taking part in the Mary Kings Close Ghostfest from March 18-23. For more info visit

Read on for some of their most valuable lessons…and don’t forget to email us at if you catch anything on camera!


Taking the right equipment is vital on Ghost Hunting trips. Here are the top five things to take with you to help you through the night:

Warm clothes

Ever tried sitting outside all night?

As ghosts usually turn up in the most obscure, inhospitable places, warm clothes, food and drink are key to getting through the night.

Don’t warm up with whisky though – you don’t want to miss the action by passing out.

A torch

Fumbling around in the dark will not look good, and having a torch can offer some welcome reassurance should you get a little nervy.

A voice recorder

For all those baffling and unexplained noises.

Ghost hunters often play back recordings at home, only to hear whispers or threats they didn’t hear at the time. Spooky stuff.

A camera

Many an eerie figure has been snapped on camera.

Plus you want something to take home and show your mates.

Something to do!

Sitting staring into the same gloomy spot for hour after hour can be a pretty mind numbing experience.

Stay awake by flicking through a magazine, a book or the newspaper.

Despite what Bruce Willis and The Exorcist may have taught you, a sixth sense and prayers are not essential.

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  1. We’re really interested in going on a course there are 4 possibly 5 of us, do you have a contact number please? Also what are the current prices?

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