Most Haunted Go Ghost Hunting With The English Rugby Team

ghost hunting with rugby

A new episode Of  Most Haunted / Ghosting Hunting With The English Rugby Team was mentioned in a recent Tweet. It was filmed at Delapre Abbey Northampton on 8th January 2014.

Yvette Fielding wants to make the England rugby team cry when they appear on ‘Most Haunted’.

The 45-year-old TV presenter is set to welcome the professional sportsmen on a celebrity special episode of the paranormal show, and joked it would be ”great fun” to wipe out their macho reputation.

Yvette said: ”We’re just about to film ‘Most Haunted’ with the English rugby squad which will be hilarious.”

She then joked: ”My aim is to make them all cry! I’m so evil aren’t I?”

Yvette also revealed ‘My Haunted’ bosses are in talks with Welsh heavy metal band Bullet For My Valentine about them appearing on a celebrity special of the show, and admits they are just one of the many stars who are keen to appear on the programme.

She added: ”There’s always people getting in touch with us saying, ‘Please, please, please can we come on ‘Most Haunted?’ It’s still hugely popular and it’s popular throughout the world.

”We just love it and it’s great we get celebrities approaching us saying they want to do a show.”

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