Ghost Hunting With The Only Way Is Essex TOWIE DVD – 12th December 2011

Ghost hunter extraordinaire Yvette Fielding has her work cut out when she takes six members of the hit TV series, ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, to some truly terrifying locations, remotely situated in deepest Essex. Mark, Arge, Joey, Harry, Amy and Sam are thrown into a ghostly world that will give them nightmares for the rest of their lives and there’s not a vajazzle in sight!

Yvette and these plucky ghost hunters investigate the sprawling, Coal House Forte, a warren of dark foreboding tunnels and rooms that house the darkest of entities. Poltergeist activity is rife along with the ghosts of women, children and soldiers; this location is a place many fear to tread. Yvette’s guests are fearful to begin with but when they are witness to an evil entity that is determined to physically harm them; our much tanned stars turn a lighter shade of pale.

Taken away from their usual life of glamour and pampering how will they cope? What will they discover? Will any of them be brave enough to venture off on their own? And will the whole team be able to make it through the night?

With six animated characters and, Yvette using her expert ghost hunting skills, will any of the team be able to look at things in the same way ever again? Laughs, screams and frights galore in this chilling Ghost Hunting Special!

Pre Order For Release 12th December 2012

6 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting With The Only Way Is Essex TOWIE DVD – 12th December 2011”

  1. sorry but i must say the show is a load of crap.derek is a fake the whole show is fake.we never get to see hear anything that ever happens.a waste of Tele space.get rid!

  2. I dont care who is ghost hunting with Yvette, I enjoy watching her do what she does best. I personally enjoyed watching the essex lot, even though i dont watch “only way is essex” I find it funny when they are screaming and nearly crying, who ever the celebs are.

  3. Hi towie was laughable as the bleeps to cover the swearing were hilarious and horrendous at the same time. i didn’t see Katy price one but not bothered really Happy mondays came to m,y neck of the woods Lincoln prison yes they were good i also liked the Boyzone one too but remembered something slighty eerir about that one as it was before Stephen gately’s death he said he felt a choking sensation in one of the rooms and when you look back that was so poignant in relation to his poor demise.

  4. hello tracey whats new i am still to watch ghost hunting essex
    i guess its not much cop i have still not watched the one with katy price whats that one like???? jason how are you what have you all been upto since halloween ?

  5. Watched this and hated every minute. I was praying that the smug Mark Wright would fall down a hole and be lost forever. Much as I love Yvette and co, I won’t be buying this one.

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