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Yvette Fielding continues the ITV2 series Ghost Hunting With… taking the girl band THE SATURDAYS on a ghost hunt to Wern Manor, Porthmadog, Wales. Originally broadcast on Monday 8th November 2010 at 9pm.

The girls visit three equally terrifying locations, nestled within the Welsh mountains; the clock tower, Wern Manor and the kitchen block. In each of these areas there have been countless reports of strange sightings, the sounds of chatter coming from empty rooms, cooking smells coming from an empty kitchen, and reported ghostly sightings.[3] During the time in the first location, Rochelle Wiseman said she felt someone touch her leg and someone blowing onto her neck.[3]

The second ghostly hot spot is the eerie clock tower, which was constructed using beams taken from an ill fated ship. The tower is rumoured to be haunted by a restless spirit of a suicide victim and anyone who enters is confronted by his hostile presence.

The final destination of the evening is the manor. The girls will visit the foreboding first floor landing which has been noted as having the most paranormal activity in the building. Next up is the surgery room which was used by the Red Cross for injured soldiers during the first world war and finally the attic where the tormented spirit is said to sway back and forth in an old rocking chair. Strangely, it is said that female entertainers who would perform at the Manor for the former owner complained of being harassed by an evil presence


If you missed it you can watch again at VIMEO :


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  1. When rochelle and vanessa are back in the Taxi safe area check out the lights above rochelle may be the reflection of the camera dude but looks much like two ORBS.

  2. the show was good, but as regards to most haunted the idea of the ghost is great but when stuart and larl start messing about and cheating it spoils the lot.

  3. paranormal investigation was crap but ghost hunting with.. the saturdays was brilliant. paranormal investigation could make the dead not rise because it was sooo borrring but the saturdays were soo brilliant any ghost would rise up. please can living find something better than paranormal investigation but not as good and clever as most haunted.

  4. Just watched ghost hunting with the saturdays i recorded,I proper enjoyed it Yvette you are a joy to watch,you have got to get back to what you do best please do some more Most Haunted xxxxxxx

  5. My wife and I just watched this – superb! It was great to see Yvette – as for the Saturdays – well, they screamed like girls 🙂

  6. ghost hunting was really good.brilliant show yvette,what joy it would be to see most haunted
    screened again.this hits the spot with as paranormal viewers.down to earth girls and guys.searching for the unknown,come on liveing must be getting great deal feedback.from most haunted fans. get over it.

  7. Watched ghost hunting with the saturdays, BRILLIANT how good is Yvette you have to do more M H. You are so good at what you do it was lovely to watch you Please come back to us.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Is this the best Yvette Fielding can come up with? Five stupid women screaming constantly and not a word was understood as they talked over each other all the time. Did we need the narration telling us what we were already watching, dramatising every little thing that happened? Why the need for the Shrink?. This programme obviously wanted for content but was filled with time-wasting rubbish. It was twenty minutes before the actual ‘investigation’ began. Don’t bother again Yvette unless you can come up with something more credible.

  9. just watched paranomal investigation live which i had recorded what a poor substitute for most haunted nothing will ever better most haunted bring this superior show back now

  10. I was reluctant to watch para inv live, and was soooooo disapointed. Every Halloween mhl is like a ritual and makes it complete! Why oh why oh why put that garbage on? Just bring back yvette n the team for a live jan show then Halloween from then on! It’s not fair, you do this to us! As the saying goes “if it ain’t broken…..”

  11. Did not even bother to put the telly on at all ! Still can’t beleive it. what went wrong? Please bring yvette and the team back. I just can’t bear it !

  12. Did’t see the new show ..Just want most haunted back Wasn’t Halloween without MHL …come on guy’s we need you back pretty pls xxx;-)

  13. OMG, can’t believe a classic like MH has been replaced with such an unprofessional, disjointed, boring programme like Paranormal Investigation, it was embarrassing to watch. Please resurrect MH and here to hoping that Paranormal Activity is gone forever

  14. sorry but paranormal investigations was awful
    please bring back most haunted dont know why it was taken off and replaced by something so rubbish we wany most haunted back please i watched it for the first 45 mins and just turned it off never even watched the second night

  15. Paranormal investigations is load of boring rubbish, I recorded saturdays edition but fell asleep during Sundays dreary effort, so deleted it without watching. Bring back Most haunted now!!!!

  16. bring back most haunted what a load off rubbish pil was or put more paranormal programmes on uk kiving lik ghost hunters and ghost hunters international do a live ghost hunters imternational from uk

  17. Paranormal investigations was dull, i turned it over after 30 minutes and never bothered with the second night. We all knew most haunted would be a hard act to follow, no one does it like them, please come back.

  18. Please bring back Most haunted paranormal Investigation was RUBBISH! That is putting it politely! Please please please….I am having withdrawal sympotoms I loved most haunted!

  19. Paranormal Investigation Live is a waste of space it’s like watching a bunch of kids messing about bring back Most Haunted Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Bring back Most Hunted, can not believe that you have taken MH off TV and put that load of rubbish in its place. Everyone wants to see Yvette Fielding and MH on Halloween…

  21. this new show is terrible! I spent half hour on phone to get my sky reinstated to watch what I thought was going to be similar to most haunted live! very disappointed!

  22. PLEASE bring back Most Haunted/ Most Haunted Live
    Paranormal Investigation Live was just awful!
    Very unprofessional and embarassing and so boring that I even fell asleep!!!!!!

  23. i’m sorry this new program that you are showing on living in place of most hunted is crap . Me and my wife look forward to the live most hunted at this time of year and hope that you can rise from the ash’s

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