Ghosthunting With The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)


Ghosthunting With The Only Way Is Essex and Yvette Fielding exploring Essex’s Coalhouse Fort was first broadcast on  ITV2 at 10pm on Wednesday, September 14 2011

THIS is probably the only time you’ll ever see the TOWIE cast without their trademark orange tans.

The Essex girls and boys swapped the Sugar Hut for a haunted house, as they endured a seriously scary night of paranormal activity, hunting for ghosts and ghoulies.

All the regulars were there and captured on the show’s night vision cameras — including Mark Wright and his former fiancée Lauren Goodger, Sam Faiers, Amy Childs and Harry Derbidge.

Joey Essex described the supernatural show as “the scariest experience ever”. But we think anyone who’s ever been vajazzled by Amy would beg to differ…

Source: The Sun

21 thoughts on “Ghosthunting With The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)”

  1. it was grate! bur at the same time really funny they should of just bleeped out the whole episode mined you that’s Towie for ya.Ii love the idea of taken celebs on a life changing trip ( well it would be for me )Ii could watch the episode time and time again and never get bored almost like when living with Yvette and Karl festive spirits was aired I really couldn’t stop laughing.
    me and my friends love ghost hunting with we just cant get enough 🙂 good luck Yvette and Karl with the show :0)

  2. @ Caroline: It was very amusing to watch, yes. XD

    The question is why, if it’s after 10pm, would they need to beep them at all? Surely they wouldn’t need to bother. :-/
    I always think it’s weird that Antix use the beep machine when someone says ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’, probably due to beliefs of some members of the team, but when they say “what the f— was that?!” it seems to slip through the net. :-/ Then they send Karl-f*** me!-Beattie off with Stuart on their own and you just know that something will happen and they will start shouting, swearing and screaming; while the audience tut, roll their eyes and say “this is exactly what you get with Karl and Stu”.

  3. @ Vicki I Know the swearing got bad at one point, But i thought it was so funny because she never came up for air. To me when a programme you know might have a lot of swearing in it and its on late at night, Then i dont see the point in beeping, I know if i ever went on a Ghost hunt i would’nt be able to speak the day after because of all the screaming.Would love to go on one,one day.

  4. Just one question: Who did they hire to operate the profanity beeper? Because they f****d up!

    Seriously, Amy’s every other word was the big ‘f’ or some variant of it, for about 5 minutes, and the profanity-beeper man only saw fit to use it about once or twice during those 5 minutes.

    The whole job with the profanity beeper was very patchy.

    It was actually quite amusing, but if you’re going to bother beeping the bad words, do them all or don’t bother.

  5. Everyone outside of London are looked on as idiots, but if the Essex lot are anything to go by its the other way round, they go into a so called ghoulie castle which is set up for the likes of them and they think its ghosts whos the idiots,

  6. Looking forward to watching GH with the essex lot , I always enjoy this programme its so funny to watch the celebs scream and shout.

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