Happy Halloween from Karl Beattie On Facebook

“Hello eveyone well that was a good sleep. Just wanted to wish you all a very happy Halloween. It does seem strange not to be investigating but hopefully we’ll change that for next year. Have a great night and even though we’re not on the telly we are with you in spirit! Lots of love Karl xxx”

Karl Posted This On His Facebook on 31st October 2011

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20 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Karl Beattie On Facebook”

  1. Hi carl ive been a big fan for many years and have seen things in my life and in your programes.it will great to see you on tv again .ive got a place near where i live it is a small cinema and i was working there up to a few years sgo there are so many orbs and i saw a women ghost one after noon i have a picturr of the orb when she just disapered in front of me so when u do start the nrw programes id likr u to have a look and may investigate .

  2. Please hurry back to my TV screen Karl, (even if its not MH)! missing U big bit, would love to go on 1 of your investigations?
    peace & luv

  3. Well dont want to be all doom and gloom about it Christine but ……..
    What with only 48 days till Halloween mmmm….. not much time for this year.

  4. hi karl i am glad to hear the good news cant wait for new series and the lives i went to graceland in 2008 2010 and again this year in my second vist iv got something on photo from inside graeland and it looks live elvis spirit a lot off people have seen this if u could please gett back to me i am on your facebook friends it be so good to hear from u karl plzz glynn

  5. so glad to hear mh back next year cant wait missed yvette and the team so so much.halloween not the same without it

  6. Hi Karl, can u tell me if what I hear is true, that you guys are doing a new show and will they be any live ones, can I also say my wife fell off her seat laughing when you went riding across the field on your bike naked, I between her mouth opening and her tongue hanging out, I think she got the hots for you, I do hope you will come back life ain’t the same without you and Stuart, we call him uncle fester

  7. Just can’t wait for you to come back with MH. I’ve missed it so much. Don’t be too long into 2012 before we see you. Best wishes xxx

  8. Hope it is really true that MH is returning to our screens. I have missed everyone SO MUCH! Can’t wait, BRING IT ON – AND QUICK!

  9. OMG Ryan L : calm down, we are just excited that they are comeing back. and we enjoy talking and giving our comments. We know they are back next year.

  10. Hey,
    Why can’t you just wait..

    I mean a new ep of MH on DVD then Karl saying basicaly MH will return next year.

    Do you not belive them?

    Plus if you listend to BBC Radio 2 yesterday she said that she is returning to MH (ie its back) and she left coz she wanted time of with the kids. She also said she missed it so much she wants it back,

    So everyone just smile and wait for next year.

  11. Saw Yvette on Alan Titchmarsh yesterday, just general chit chat about her favourite haunted locations, diddly squat about what’s happening with MH.

  12. bring it basck soon not halloween untill you lot come back but hopefully will be watching most haunted next year just need to know wht channel its on now spill the beens lol

  13. Karl & Yvette please bring back most haunted, Halloween is not the same without you. Have tried to get on your shows previously but was never lucky enough to get picked. Enjoy your Halloween night. Let hope you will be back next year.

  14. Happy Halloween to you and Yvette, Yes its very sad that you are not with us again, But we can look forward to seeing you next year. Halloween next year will be…PARTY TIME… xx

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