Haunted Air ! Bottled Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Haunted Air

Haunted Air  invite you to purchase a most unusual haunted gift. They capture the real atmosphere from some of the Most Haunted places in the UK and put it in a bottle just for you. Haunted Bottled Air.

People say when they enter a haunted place they feel it in the atmosphere and that is just what we bottle. We capture the atmospheric gases from these locations using a scientific process and then pressure seal it in a bottle.
Thus We Capture Haunted Air.

The Haunted Air is bottled in a 100 ml vintage style medicine bottle then tagged and boxed ready to deliver to you. The Bottled Air is beautifully presented in period style, even the box is tied up with string and sealed with wax.

Own a Unique Haunted Gift, the ideal present for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters.

Want a memory of a haunted location you have visited ? Haunted Air can provide the very atmosphere you may have encountered.

Seek through our site and hear the tales of the haunted locations we have visited to capture this Haunted Air.

Visit www.hauntedair.co.uk

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