Karl Beattie & Dead Haunted at Combermere Abbey

Karl Beattie_

Most Haunted’s KARL BEATTIE will be joining Phil Whyman & Dead Haunted Nights at an EXCLUSIVE Combermere Abbey event, January 28th 2011. Karl will be investigating this fascinating venue alongside you and the Dead Haunted team, in what promises to be a an EXTRA SPECIAL NIGHT to remember…don’t miss it!


DATE: Friday 28th January 2011

TIME: 9.00 PM – 3.00 AM


26 thoughts on “Karl Beattie & Dead Haunted at Combermere Abbey”

  1. hi karl ,i am just a normal guy who loved most haunted,since it first hit sky living,work for morrissons in liverpool ,married 5 children ,my family know that when most haunted came on tele to leave me be, as i just loved it ,got my eldest lad to like it as well,the show you done in liverpool was brillant, not the same with all the other copies out there now ,so hopefully you can get it back on tele,would love to be in one of your shows live if that ever happend ,good luck and let me know if i can help thanks ,say hi to all your family mike

  2. please come back to derby as its the most hunted place in England i miss the live shows 🙁 i love you always 🙂

  3. please bring most haunted back cant believe its over ,cant understand why evett wanted to leave ,thought she loved the show . really miss it …..

  4. hey most haunted crew i always watch ur live show and ur programs and i am one of ur number one fans 🙂
    i’m 16 and i wnt 2 be one of yous i wnt 2 be a part of ur group 🙂 xxxxx luv ya all xxxxx

  5. hi most haunted is brill but i do think there needs to be less talking on the night and more sitting and listening and with knocked off cameras in rooms

  6. no most haunted no big brother tv is load off rubbish bring both progaemes best two progamees ever bring them back now

  7. no most haunted no big brother tv is load off rubbish bring both progaemes best two progamees ever bring them back now

  8. I thought MH was good though it never seemed
    To prove anything one way or the other

    Also the constant bleeping and hysteria when
    Anything allegidly happened was anoying.what I say is
    If your going to investigate the paranormal do it
    With a team that doesn’t shit itself ever time a door

    And finaly I would say yes bring it back but with a brand
    New team that can behave in a proffesional manor

  9. latest is yvette has made a statement on karls facebook and wikipedia saying they trying to bring it back and are working on things at the moement but it depends on sky.i think we should all mail sky tv and also channel 5 and itv to try and bring it back

  10. does anyone really know what actually happened to most haunted. it just appeared to come to an end. karl and yvette should put a message out to all their fans and tell us what really happened and if it is coming back. i really hope mh does return it cant just end. it was best tv programme on ever

  11. im really really missing most haunted live and the episodes. could someone please tell me if we are to expect it to return on tv im constantly on this website checking updates. please could you tell us whats on your minds shall we lay most haunted to rest we really need to know so we can move on lol!!! and then we’ll have to make do watching the old episodes. please bring it back please!!! xx

  12. i want to collect the dvds that you have out but i dont know how many dvds you have for serise 1 and so on if you can please get back to me that would be great love the shows on living would love to do that job myself x

  13. I think what you are doing is good, But is any of those ghost hunts being televised because not everybody can get to a ghost hunt, so miss all of you any chance of comeing back to burnley and pendle hill,would love to see you up this neck of the woods again.Hows Yvette? xxxxx


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