Karl Beattie Join’s Phil Whymans Dead Haunted Nights For A Public Paranormal Investigation

Karl Beattie is planning a night’s Ghost Hunting with Phil Whyman’s Dead Haunted Nights very soon; keep your eyes on http://www.deadhaunted.com and join them in person!

Dead Haunted is the only UK ghost hunting,ghost hunt, haunted events and paranormal investigation company whose events are run and hosted by an internationally recognised figure within paranormal TV programming – Most Haunted ’s PHIL WHYMAN.

Dead Haunted are the foremost ghost hunting and haunted events company within the UK, meaning you get the best ghost hunt experience, paranormal investigation techniques and ghost hunting advice…not forgetting of course a haunted night to remember for a very long time!

6 thoughts on “Karl Beattie Join’s Phil Whymans Dead Haunted Nights For A Public Paranormal Investigation”

  1. missing evie and the mos haunted team , also missing David Wells , a brilliant brilliant man . see ya soon on a vidual xx

  2. Have today booked a Dead Haunted night at Peterborough Museum on 18 Dec with my mate Kelly as an early 40th birthday treat for myself. I’m so excited and it would be amazing if Karl was gonna be there! Here’s hoping!! xx

  3. Wow! that is fantastic news! something i have wanted to happen for ages i would love the most haunted team to have theyre own website and ghosthunting events that fans can go on with the most haunted team ! they would be a sell out ! Please come to london!

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