Karl Beatties Gives His Opinion On Most Haunted Social Media Sites


Karl Beattie speaks out in Haunted Magazine on Most Haunted related social media sites and how some pusillanimous people can hide behind false identities to cause trouble on other sites.

Read the full article in Haunted Magazine Issue 6

We have always supported and loved Most Haunted and dearly hope we will not be included in his plans.

Here is an exert for the article

When we started Most Haunted there were  only a few paranormal groups in Great Britain, now 12 years later there are ten’s of thousands and seemingly all at war with each other.
When we started this epic journey there were only internet forums, which, at first were invaluable as a source of information, feedback, resource and connectivity with the people interested in paranormal investigation. It was those very people on the forums from the first series that told me they wanted hour long shows, I took that on board, went to the channel and after a series of meetings made that happen for them, it was a great community of like minded people, then the idiots turned up.
Today’s forum equivalents are social media sites, where it seems that some pusillanimous people can hide behind false identities to cause trouble on other sites …..

Most Haunted has been a huge part of mine and Yvette’s life, we believe greatly in what we do and what the show stands for, yes it has its faults but no one and nothing is perfect, it took years of hard work for it to become the success it is, a lot of difficult decisions had to made along the way, but all were done for the good of the show, and as its viewing figures continued to rise, they proved to be right. I do not expect everyone to like it and thanks to the huge amount of copycat shows, there are plenty of others to watch, so people can always turn over. This doesn’t mean that you can’t critique the shows, which takes me back to start of this article. We used to love the dialogue we had in the early days when forums  actually mattered and people went on them for a reason; constructive criticism, sadly that is all but lost, so I intend to try and change it. I am taking the bold step of shutting down all social media sites which use the name Most Haunted and start my own one where politeness, understanding and constructive criticism  will be welcome, I am sure there will be some that will ‘troll’ it but they will be quickly blocked. I want  people to be able to be apart of a community that allows you express your ideas and ask your questions without the fear of being bullied into oblivion. If we all do the same we could eventually become a part of a world wide paranormal community that boasts tolerance and acceptance as its mantra.

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  1. ive got every dvd of mh released and believe in a fair bit of it.sadly people are jealous and spiteful over the success that karl and yvette have.in my view they had to make an investment in the first place and work hard so they deserve the applause and positives.and karl if you read this and ever need to upgrade your location security!! k9-sec.co.uk stay safe all x

  2. I love the series, and as a clairvoyant am most interested. However I do not agree with the Board.Ouijji or whatever you wish to call it. No matter how much I protect myself I would never ever go near one let alone use it. It is a portal for evil, many spirits as I’m sure you know already are manipulative and will often pose as those in spirit you are looking to contact. They feed from fear, energy and will read you like a book using what they can to ruin and scare the people in that room. Please also show some respect for those in spirit even those who may throw things or scare passers by etc. It unrests them when they need to be ‘at rest’ in Gods Realm. I would love to see work helping souls into the realms as some souls truly are stuck between the physical and the spiritual. I have utmost respect for you all, love Derek Akorah and the other lovely fellow. Please pass this onto them, we are all souls in human clothes so a little more respect appreciated. God Bless you and may St Michael protect you x

  3. Hi Karl & Yvette glad to hear most haunted may return,Halloween live would be great but we know it will have to be 2014 as it’s a lot of planning boo lol .

  4. WI watched most haunted from the very start,I miss the live shows especially at Halloween.I can see Carl’s point,there is always a number of critics who spoil it for the true fans if you don’t like it don’t watch.Please come back Most Haunted, love to Carl,Yvette and the Team.

  5. Hi Karl & Yvette take no notice of the haters as there will always be haters whatever you , get stuck in and get back on screen again as youve all created a huge fan base and were early waiting for a return , i miss sitting down getting ready for the live events and the evenings sat watching the schedualed programs , we the true fans want yer back 🙂

  6. Karl is a control freak, Its like he wants 100% control of comments vetted so only selected views will be published. Karl mate, it was you yourself that made Most Haunted into the joke it became, making noises, throwing stones etc. You ruined what was a good format and now you want to try and control the web???? Jesus good luck with that. I will watch the new MH, However if its just the same old ‘bang noise’ “Oh yes thats a ghost” bullshit then I will switch off! and please STOP THROWING STONES!!!!

  7. What bugged me the most about Most Haunted, was the fact that Yvette etc kept insisting the ‘show’ was 100% real paranormal content, when it clearly wasn’t…. I’ve watched and loved Most Haunted from the very started, and I have to admit it did come over as a very real paranormal investigation, which was something I had taken part in since I was 10 yrs old in 1954, so I knew instantly the moment the foolishness started, and eventually brought the ‘show’ into disrepute…. I do believe, the original concept of the show, was to bring genuine paranormal investigation into people’s home’s, but I believe it soon became clear that enough wasn’t genuinely happening, and it was from that point, the show turned into pure and simple “Entertainment”……

    I’m sorry Karl, if you don’t like or agree with what I’ve said here, but that is the way I see it and, indeed that is the way the show came over to many harden paranormal investigators, who were investigating this fascinating phenomenon long before you were born…. Most Haunted started off great, what the hell happened my friend, love to You & Yvette x

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