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Hi Guys Just wanted to give you the official news. SkyLiving has decided not to re-commission MH which is sad news, however, we have been given our rights back, so we can go to other broadcasters with it. I think that a new home and better investigation techniques will move MH into the next phase making it bigger and better than ever. We are very excited about MH’s future, so onwards and upwards my paranormal friends. xx

Facebook on 12th August 2011

Karls message from 2010 when Most Haunted appeared to be over

Both Yvette and I would like to thank you for all your support over what has been a difficult weekend. Please rest assured we are doing everything in our power to bring Most Haunted back on your screens, bigger and better than ever before: more science, more fear and more interactivity. I will keep you all informed.
Thanks once again, your loyalty is so very much appreciated. Lots of love, K xx

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  1. Im so glad most haunted is coming back on our tv screen i carnt wait and i’m looking forward to the new episodes thanks everyone your all amazing and thanks yvette, karl and that rest of the MH crew 🙂

  2. yvette and karl please bring back MH is great i flick though channels and sky living i press record so i can watch them and it looks like those people what have posted i dont beleve in them well they have to watch it.and if you bring back the show ask derik ocora to come back hes the best medium ever and to see this show go is really sad and kearian okeeth is good as well but the most best are you two please bring it back hope it comes back all the best.. jake ransome

  3. Karl, you, Yvette and the whole crew have always been the best in the arena. I’m a medium, investig. tech, and producer as well and have been missing you like mad. Can’t wait to see your new stuff as I’ve been working on putting things together here in the US for myself. All the best mate, Leslie Claire

  4. I think we are all hoping that MH comes back on a channel that everybody has, I dont have sky so im hoping its on something like ITV2 OR CHANNEL 4 OR 5 Fingers crossed.

  5. why is it show on sky all the time it would be great if it was shown on something that bt have like ITV2 because ghost hunting with is shown on that channel and when is it next on but i do love most haunted so glad its coming back cant wait 🙂

  6. Oh my god! so can not wait for Most Haunted to come back, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! call me completely mad but i love sitting in the dark watching back on all of your most haunted lives and TV episodes and scaring myself half to death! its quite funny… So she says when she cant get to sleep, or if i do, its not without a light on… haha!, Hope to see your faces back on TV soon 🙂 Much love to you all! 🙂 Vicky xxx

  7. dear karl i know that you and the team have been to PENDLE HILL twice but since someone as find an cottage of possibly belonging two one of the witches would you and the team consider go back to investigate for one more time thanks pat

  8. Anyone know of any decent programmes on this year for Halloween? Just seems boring now that most haunted is not on. It was the whole reason for looking forward to Halloween!!!! Thanks x

  9. Hi Karl me and me girlfriend are a grate fan of Most Haunted we just want to know when is the next’s live show is ? coz we just got the net in so we can watch the live web cam thank’s from Damien and Linda

  10. well there is always the channel that replaced ftn & virgin1 you could ask so that we freeviews can enjoy watching all of the live shows living hardly let us watch 1 night let alone all the nights it wasn’t fair, please come back guys we all miss u

  11. I would like to start by thanking you and all ur brillant crew for MH pls give us All MH fans good news for the coming new year Or earlier MH is still Timeless Never Gets Old wish U and Yvette all the best for the future p,s couldn’t some how get Pendle Hill Halloween special full on DVD I know it be a great sell for all MH Die Hard Fans


  13. untill most haunted karl and yvette say somthing and confirm its coming back not listing to any rumors it might not come back at all

  14. @ Ryan NO I Dont have sky i do hope they do put it on a channel that every body has got like itv 2 or channel 4 or 5. lets hope they do the right thing.

  15. Not Patient enough :/
    I mean it probs takes 6 months to plan MHL.

    And yea my Names Ryan Little :/

    Yea Ciaran Said that…

    I hope everyone here has sky :/
    Theres rumors i have heard Bio has more chance of getting MH + MHL sadly
    i would love it to be on ITV or something ..

  16. Vicki LOL
    Ryan i remember you saying some time ago that if MH were to return you would be the first to know.
    Also you said that “Ciaran said interesting times watch this space”
    What else can you tell us ?? and is your name really Ryan?? d d d !!!!!!! lol

    Sorry mate just getting bored at waiting for crumbs of info the MH massive drip us once in a blue moon.

  17. No – coz its been on hmv etc for 6/7 months so it was not a recent thing.

    :/ im not giving the source but all im saying be patient

  18. i just seen that series 14 off most haunted his on dvd and released on monday 3rd october i wonder iff we will here anything about most haunted coming back in halloween or is just me getting my hopes up

  19. @ Ryan L: If it’s not too impertinent a question who is this source? We’d all be interested to know what else they said.

    Tell us, or the Teddy gets it! 😉

  20. hi everybody no news then still i was saying the other day hallween this year watch one of the old lives and pretend its a new one i am lucky i did not watch last two live s but i have them so thts what i will be doing reply any body???

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