Most Haunted 2014 Episode Guide

Sheffield Fire Museum

The all new Most Haunted Episode guide for 2014. Most Haunted returned to our screen on Really TV  Thursday 21st August at 9pm.

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Episode 1 : The Royal Court Theatre – Bacup

Many of the Theatre Staff and Visitors have reported either seeing the apparition of or feeling the presence of the theatre’s “resident ghost” which the staff have affectionately named Norah.
The Managing Director reports of thrown objects, bells rung , draughts and even a pair of ‘Blue Legs’.

Episode 2 & 3: Newton House Part 1 & 2 – Wales – Celebrity Special with Bullet for My Valentine

Newton House in Llandeilo was originally home to the Rhys family’s castle, the ruins of which still loom large over Dinefwr Park.
It is haunted by a “white lady” who is thought to be the wronged wraith of Elinir Cavendish, first cousin of the lady of the house in the 1720s, although some versions of the story say she was her sister.

Episode 4: The Galleries of Justice – Nottingham

The Galleries Of Justice reports much paranormal activity, three ghosts in the entrance hall,  the feeling of sickness in the pits, groans and light anomolies in the courtroom and poltergeist activity in the caves and chapel.

Episode 5: Delapre Abbey – Northampton – Celebrity Special with the English Rugby Team

Ghosts of Mary Bouverie, nuns and a book keeper are said to haunted the premises.
Lee Dickson, Alex Corbisiero, Ben Foden, Dylan Hartley and Chris Ashton joined the Most Haunted Team seek to unearth the truth behind the hauntings of Delapre Abbey

Episode 6: The National Emergency Services Museum – Sheffield

The museum is also one of the nation’s leading venues for paranormal groups; poltergeist activity, demons, mysterious figures are often sighted roaming the corridors and, of course, the legendary evil spirit Caine has been known to make appearances too.  All these have been documented by many a visitor & investigation teams.
Various paranormal investigators have come into the building to seek out the many spirits that are said to haunt the building, however, out of all the suspected spirits only one name has come up repeatedly. Caine.

Episode 7: Ye Olde Kings Head – Chester

The Ye Olde Kings Head is amongst the most haunted inns in the country, boasting 13 resident spirits. 6 of the 8 hotel rooms are rife with paranormal activity ranging from strange noises, shadows and sighting.

Episode 8: Drakelow Tunnels – Kidderminster

There have been many reports of experiences of activity by the visitors and more recent workers inside the tunnels.
The presence of a worker who died during its construction is still known to move objects.
It was reported that whilst the current caretaker of the site was working in the nuclear side, his dogs were barking in the corner of one room. When the caretaker came to see what was happening, he saw no reason for the commotion.

Episode 9 & 10: Saltmarshe Hall –Yorkshire

Saltmarshe Hall is a mysterious, haunted house of complete contrasts. Beneath the property lies a network of corridors and cellar rooms and the abandoned North Wing has sat empty for over 70 years, apart from the ghosts said to wander the corridors and rooms.

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