Most Haunted 2015

most haunted 2015

Most Haunted will be returning for a 2nd series on Really in 2015 with a brand new series and a Live episode.

Confirmed locations are  Buckley’s Tivoli Theatre in North Wales and Annisons Funeral Parlor in Hull

Yvette Fielding has Tweeted hints as the filming for the new series starts

Nov 26 Having a great investigation @Tivoli_Venue #mosthaunted great start to new series. (Location : Tivoli Theatre)
Nov 28 Off to film another new Most Haunted.If someone offered to pay me loads of wonga To stay on my own in this place… NO way! #oldfavourite
Dec 15 Filming Most Haunted tonight in Hull. Great location. Great people x  (Location : Annisons Funeral Parlor)
Dec 17 Off filming another MH today. Warm vest, big hat and the thickest knickers known to man!

New team member Glen Hunt also tweeted

Nov 28 Off to record programme 2 of Most Haunted with the team.
Dec 14 Good morning. On air right now with the brekky show. Later, out on location to record programme 3 of Most Haunted with the team.
Dec 17 Setting off soon to join the #MostHaunted team to record episode 4. Looking forward to whatever the night will bring us.

New techy team member, and founder of Avatar Games, Eamonn Vann-Harris tweeted

Dec 17 Filming another MH today, wearing about 10 layers of clothing, Freezing!! If wooly underwear was in, today would be the day to wear them!
Leah Walton tweeted
Dec 15 On way home from hull #mosthaunted and I actually got in a COFFIN #braveleah #greatnight

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  1. Why are you still all screaming like little girls and having the camera in your faces all the time isn’t what I wanna see, every time the camera is panned somewhere different to where the activity is , suddenly the activity starts ( faked no doubt ) keep the camera panned off your faces and stop screaming like little girls ! Then it might worth watching to the end !!!

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