Most Haunted Christmas Spirits 2011 On DVD


Featuring Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, Fred Batt, Stuart Torevell, Cath Howe, and Phil Whyman.

Recorded October 2011.

This Christmas, Yvette Fielding and the ‘Most Haunted’ team of investigators will take you on a supernatural adventure like no other. Alone and in the dark they experience their worst nightmare yet as they try to find out who (or what) is haunting the manor.

On a mission to capture paranormal evidence of things that go bump in the night, the team will find themselves pushed to the very limits. Have they gone too far this time ?

When asked what it was like to be out with the MH crew on their first new investigation in over a year Phil Whyman said ‘The whole experience made for one fascinating and scary investigation…but if you want to know any more than that then you’ll just have to buy the DVD when it comes out!’

Thanks for that Phil and hope to see more of you again with the crew next year.

Pre-Order Now For Release 12th December 2011


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  1. HI guys & Gals big news although im sure some if not all will now know MOST HAUNTED IS COMING BACK TO TV & long live this next part im to say YOU TV BOSSES leave our MOST HAUNTED NEXT GENERATION 2012 A L O N E also bring back the other paranormal programmes you got rid of……

    sorry we are not ignoring you my love we have moved to another site try Fred’s gothic calendar on this site and you’ll find us on there !

  3. hi guys im back. sorry its been so long but i have been very busy what with readings and what not. still awaiting news i recon its dead in the water now and theres more to it than we know.
    i have been to a collegues house to do a reading which went well. and have been working on holding object to see if i can get anything from them. (token reading) i have had quite well working on my physic power more so now.

    Vicki Well in response to your scroll, these so called experts then are barking up the wrong tomb?,so basically that’s not Tut’s real mum?
    It’s all very mysterious and fascinating, i do believe you could give these Egyptianologists(if that’s the correct term) a run for their money, keep up the good work Vicki,although you lost me slightly i was still interested lol.
    Nice to see Ciaran again on Jane Goldman, what i wouldn’t do to go on a ghost vigil.
    Seems like Claire is having trouble replying on this page, not sure why?
    Speak soon hugs and pretty bugsXXX

  5. @Claire: I wonder who hacked their system? (Where was this, on Antix’s page or a fan page?)

    Thank you very much for the clips you’ve posted so far. 🙂

    I’ve always liked the third one, it made me smile even when it was repeated after Conwaygate. It is a shame the friendships didn’t last.
    So do I, but I know what you mean about not trusting Karl.

    Nothing wrong with being a skin flint and I say that from experience. 😉

    It sounds like it, but I don’t know much about the series, to be honest, if it was the asylum in Denbigh, then that would be interesting from the point of view that they would be building on what had already happened there during the live and it would be interesting to see what else was experienced there. Although I hear that the Mayor there (or at least I think it was them) was not too happy with them for claiming it was damned.

    I hope you find the clip. 🙂
    Tee hee… Uncyclopedia has some funny stuff on it. XD

    Indeed he would. 😉 Maybe that’s a reason why he’s not involved with MH anymore? There was also the rudeness shown to his friends (David, Chris, Billy and Steve to name but a few.) I hope he does talk more about it, as I’m sure people are fascinated to hear what’s been going on behind the scenes on MH.

    That doesn’t surprise me, in all honesty, they seem to be on tour a lot and very much in demand as the theatres always seem to be full, so I suppose I can see why they do it, even if I don’t necessarily approve of them.

    It did seem that way, lots of implied comments, just enough to get them through legally but just enough for us to know who they were talking about 9 times out of every 10 (well, possibly more like 19 times out of every 20.) Clever.

    Probably, I wouldn’t be surprised. Mind you, I hear Yvette’s tried to get the speed limit near their home reduced to 20mph, if he then gets pulled over for speeding, it makes a bit of a mockery of that, doesn’t it?

    I don’t think David will have seen it, I doubt he cared to after how things ended with them. It wasn’t nice to see how they were talking about him, though. I don’t think Degsy saw it either, he’s laughing all the way to the bank, so what does he care what Karl has to say about anything? As for the others, well, other than Chris, Brian and perhaps Billy, I doubt they were even aware of the show or what was being said on it.
    Oh I got that impression too, I can’t even remember what set it off, but I just remember it clicking, and I had a dig about and found that Gordon Smith had been critical of their show somewhere, so that explains the origin of that one.

    Not so much a pinch of salt as a wheelbarrow full of it. 😉

    It wasn’t nice to watch. That poor bloke, fighting his corner and being shouted down, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with him, it still wasn’t nice. I’d have expected better from Phil, I must say.

    It didn’t sound paranoid at all, indeed, I’ve had experience of that myself over the past few weeks. It isn’t nice at all. 🙁

    Yay! 😀
    Can I just thank you both for being so patient over the past few weeks, you’ve both been great! [Hugs all around] xxxx

    They do need to really concentrate and make this series one of the best there’s been (it won’t be the best for me, but that’s just my opinion.) They can’t keep bringing out more of the same, we know that the show is not working in its current form because it got axed and no one would take it, so it needs a drastic overhaul. They’re aiming in the right direction with more experiments and more tech, but the thing that I’m struggling with is this idea of a more “futuristic feel” that’s been mentioned; it’s too vague, they need to define it more. I’m interested in what the show will be like when it comes back, as, despite appearances, I do actually like the show (strange mindset that fandom is! XD )

    I can’t wait until The Woman in Black is on Sky! I’m looking forward to seeing what Jane Goldman made of it and, when I pluck up the courage to read the book, how it compares.

    Good idea, but I don’t think it beyond the wit of a few unscrupulous individuals to try to cause trouble on that front, either. 🙁 Poor bloke. I wish him the best of luck with it, he’ll need it if Antix are still after him. x

    You’re welcome. x

    Probably not, there would be a lot of trouble organising it, there would be backlash from people who might feel that their loved ones would be being exploited (totally understandable, if I’d had relatives there, then I don’t think I’d be happy either) and I don’t think the folk who were formerly on BadPsychics would let it go ahead for a second. I can’t see it happening.

    So do I, I’d love to see Chris investigating Egypt on TV.
    I saw one episode of Derek doing it and one was enough! That moment when he was ‘possessed’ by Tutankhamun was a full-body clenching moment. Even though it was very likely that what he was saying was right (he never spoke as Tutankhamun, but leading up to it he did say a lot about his death) the ‘possession’ itself was toe-curling and her reaction was ridiculous.
    Oh, on the subject of king Tut (here we go…) the DNA tests done on the mummies revealed that the mummy that is confirmed to have been the mother to Tut’s two foetuses (current name KV21A) has been denied her rightful identity as King’s Great Wife Ankhesenamun because she is not the daughter of the body in tomb KV55 because he is the father of Tut, ergo he MUST be Akhenaten! [Smacks head on desk] these IDIOTS can’t for one second think that possibly they *might just* be wrong about the KV55 mummy and that he is too young to be Akhenaten (age estimates range from 25-35, so he’s a bit on the young side, as Akhenaten would have been 35 at the minimum, so it was possible, but not likely.) Akhenaten is *known* to have been Ankhesenpaaten’s father from the historical records, and we have no such assurances of his fathering Tutankhaten (this was Tut’s birth name.) Seeing as the body identified as Tut’s mother was a daughter of Amenhotep III, it is possible that she is Sitamun (Amenhotep’s daughter/wife) but that raises the possibility that she was around 26 when Tut was born (not impossible, but not good for her, as the facilities for giving birth were not good, although she could easily have done it, would she have lived? How many children had she had by that age? Did she have any other kids, besides Tut? The more she’d had, the less likely she would be to live, yet it *is still possible* Or it could have been one of her sisters, which is equally as likely) but Amenhotep III was probably dead by then, so who did she marry afterwards? I believe that the body in tomb KV 55 is Smenkhare, even if he was towards the 35 mark, he’d still have been 23 when Tut was born, which makes it very possible, in fact, very likely. This would be remarkable, as we’d then have evidence of another wife for him, in addition to Meritaten and possibly Ankhesenpaaten. Whoever she was, though, she had died by late into Akhenaten’s reign (possibly in the plague in year 14, when a lot of the royal household disappear, including Nefertiti) as Meritaten is shown to be his wife by the time of the co-regency (and some have suggested affair) between Akhenaten and Smenkhare. I also think that Meritaten is the female Ankhetkheperure. It bears a remarkable resemblance to Smenkhare’s own name of Ankhkheperure Smenkhare and maybe that’s a hint at a co-regency between them? Right, I must stop no, or I’ll go on for ages!

    Back soon. x

  6. AWWWWW Nikki, that is so nice thank you for taking the time my lovely. XXX
    Little bit of Cornish for you there lol my Aunty used to live there and everyone was my lovely or thank you my lover great accent and nice folk!

    Yes my sentiments exactly Derek for me has always come across as one of lifes innocents, whose heart is in the right place.
    And like you i do not think he would want to cause that family any hurt.

    I do feel of late that Ciaran can be a little erm catty. Started really with his comments about Richard another innocent imo.

    Sorry Bio not written yet oops, gee i wish i could edit my posts lol.
    No it was a conversation he had with someone, who then told his FBook friends what Derek said.
    (Ok hearsay i hear some say but rings true)

    Now if that is true!, and sorry but i think it is, then WHAT else could he tell us if he gets the go ahead from his lawyer to write his Bio???

    Now Karl would not want this to get out would he ?, and it would explain an awful lot. I’m thinking i know who the puppet master is??

    “i’ve refered to as a puppet on a string to Vicki cue Sandy Shaw!!!!
    well you cant get more James blunt then that eh?”

    Indeed lmao!!

    Ok, people will say more fool him for doing it but it just sounds like him for me, if he thought he was helping Karl and it made him feel closer to them???.
    I think Karl is very crafty.

    I do feel of late that Ciaran can be a little erm catty. Started really with his comments about Richard another innocent imo.

    Thats great happy customers coming back !!!! Brilliant.
    Have you thought of selling orders on Ebay might be worth a thought as people do sell there cakes there???

    What a good idea The Cakes Tarot Candles etc Cafe, with Besoms Cauldrons and in the corner a laptop for you customers to use.
    We can but dream eh???? witchy wishes at you xx

    Well Aunty Nikki enjoy your new niece, KITTEN cuddles AWWWWWWWWWWWW AWWWWWWWWW, ooo takes me back, dont need Tarot to see lots of laughs ahead. Keep us updated love a Cat tale i do x

    Bye for now xxxx

  7. Good Morning Claire! your turn, lol
    just to go over again what i said to Vicki, i really dont think that Derek would want to cause upset at such a sensitive issue, it has quite sadden me that, and good of Ciaran to offer a positive response, even though he questions Derek’s ability, but that’s aside from the issue made.
    Very interesting cooments made in his Bio, i shall have to get a copy, the future isn’t looking too bright for Karl and co eh? far too many nasty shenanigans going on.
    This Jamie person i’ve refered to as a puppet on a string to Vicki cue Sandy Shaw!!!!
    To say you’re not a fan of somebody well you cant get more James blunt then that eh? but if you dont know the guy how can you pass judgement hmmmm.
    yes i agree that MH christmas card list hasn’t many names on now.
    not watched Jane g yet but looking forward to it i enjoyed the other two.
    had an order from exsisting customer yesterday so all not in vain ,most places do there own baking now, cafe’s and such i would love to have my own little tea room tho with a room at the back with spiritual nick nacks and a quiet area for you to sit read and have cake and tea! ooh if i win the lottery eh?
    yes i shall become Aunty Nikki to my friend’s cat that she’s hopfully getting at the weekend, a little black lady with a white chin!
    i think i’m more excited.
    Are you up for a tarot circle? let’s get swotting, if only i could find where my cards are? that would soo help
    Anyway clear skies for you and Vicki too
    take care speak soon XXXXX

  8. Good Morning people
    Vicki hello
    Well this Jamie character has a lot to say doesn’t he? likes the word IDIOT or was that toned down?, we’ll never know, how can you make judgements of people if you’ve never worked with them seems like he’s turned himself into a puppet and someone hem hem is pulling his strings no doubt.
    I personally like Ciaran as you know, level headed guy sensible and wouldn’t compromise his rep.
    the article/link saddens me too, i try not to believe the Hype, coz that’s what it is, something as serious as the Madeline McCann case which in no means has been closed is such a sensitive issue and i don’t think for one moment that Derek would make a mockery out of that,personal opinion.
    If you dont hear it from the horses mouth then how do you know it’s true?
    Yesterday was slow for cakies no new custom but we did get a good order from exsisting custom so not all was lost.
    OOh i’m up for a tarot circle, have to locate me cards.
    The Apprentice good last night , i’m glad young whipper snapper Tom is in still i think he’s quite shrewd he’s just not to get cocky or laid back tho as i feel he could win it.
    catch up on jane goldman and touch
    My mate is getting a cat hooray i went shopping with her for litter,bowl and food so that has pleased me no end i shall be Aunty Nikki!
    Take care you speak soonxxxx

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