Most Haunted Experience: Public Ghost Hunts With Stars Of The Hit Paranormal Series

Most Haunted has been a popular series for many paranormal enthusiasts since its inception in 2002. The show (presented by Yvette Fielding and husband co-producer Karl Beattie) has been running ever since, filming paranormal investigations across not only the UK, but across the world.

During that time, the long-running series has shown itself to have fresh, fascinating insight into the art of paranormal investigation, catching amazing footage along the way.

Whether believer or sceptic, the reality TV show has amassed a large following, and the Most Haunted team now not only run their own YouTube Channel, in which they upload new episodes and extra clips, but they have also been running live events in which members of the public can book a place to join in investigations with the team. 

Most Haunted Series 21
Go Ghost Hunting with Yvette and Karl!

What is The Most Haunted Experience

It’s called the Most Haunted Experience and it has been running for several years (it started in approximately 2015). The events are organised by the team themselves, including Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, cameraman Stuart Torrevell and locations manager Jenny Bryant. As detailed on the official website (which can be found HERE: the events take place in haunted locations all across the UK – anywhere you can throw a dart at the map, it’s likely at some point the paranormal team will be holding an event there.

The Most Haunted Experience site allow you to search for events via location, or, if you’re desperate to investigate with specific members of the team, you can search via team name to see which events they are hosting (not all team members are present at all events).  

As a big fan of Most Haunted – I have closely followed the show for many years – I knew I would have to try out a public investigation hosted by the team, and so I did, several years ago in about 2015. My first event with MH Experience was at the Ragged School Museum in London. After my positive experience there, I signed up for many others and have so far attended about ten events, at different locations in the UK, my most recent being in 2022 at the SS Great Britain ship, in Bristol.  

What can you expect?

Each Most Haunted Experience Event is designed to replicate the style of the episodes themselves. The team members – whether Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, Stuart Torrevell or demonologist Fred Batt – usually kick off the evening with a quick meet and greet, including an autograph and photos with the stars if desired. Then an overview of the location is given, including a general history and spooky tales associated with the place.  

Once the introductions are over, those in attendance are then broken up into smaller groups, who are then allowed to go through the property/venue and make use of ghost hunting equipment supplied on the night. Equipment including Ouija boards, EMF readers, sensory gadgets and trigger objects.

With these items in hand, the teams can then undertake an event of paranormal investigation alongside the Most Haunted team. Of course, results of each investigation vary, as they would for any team or location, but often the results can be amazing and eye-opening. Attendees are also allowed to bring in their own paranormal gadgets to experiment with, and often at the end of the evening are given free reign to explore the location alone.  

Most Haunted Experience at The SS Great Britain
The SS Great Britain

As someone who has attended numerous evenings with Most Haunted Experience, I can’t recommend it enough. Over the years, I have been able to experience locations I probably would not have been able to access before – incredible places that are steeped in rich history and physical beauty. Meeting the team themselves is an enjoyable experience, and during my own time with them, I have found them to be friendly, engaging, professional and extremely passionate about what they do.

Most Haunted as a series may have had a few critics over the years (as most paranormal shows often face) but experiencing the paranormal alongside Yvette and Karl is a clear indication of how seriously they take what they do – and how much they truly love the paranormal. They live and breathe it.  

During my time with Most Haunted Experience, I have been able to explore Victorian schools, mansions, stately homes and even a haunted ship. The experiences have always been positive – and even when the ghosts fail to show up, which is sometimes the case – the evenings are often enjoyable and fascinating.  

If you feel you want to attend an event, or find out more, click here.