Most Haunted Halloween 2011

On 27th October 2011, Karl Beattie announced via his Facebook profile;

“Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to get a programme sorted for halloween, getting all the rights back took much longer than first thought. But we are back now, next year we will be looking to go bigger and better than ever before and we will take halloween back.

We are about to sign a very exciting deal with a very large company to take Most Haunted to the next level. So watch this space. And thanks for all of your support and undying loyalty, which in this industry is a very rare thing indeed, thank you all it means so much.”

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  1. thankyou to karl and yvette for brining us most haunted fans the programback onto tv i am a massive fan off most haunted cant wait for the show to come back and the most haunted lives 2012 most haunted bigger and better xx

  2. Decided to google you when sitting here with my husband looking for something spooky to watch when we realised how long you have been off our screen. Can’t wait for you to be back and very glad you will be returning, hope it will be better than ever before. Tell Yvette to carry on screaming. X

  3. hi mosthaunted team…….when can we expect 2 c u back on our screens????? Been 2 long and nothing else has replaced u guys…………just goes 2 show u knew what u were doing…………..hurry back plz 🙂

  4. Im so glad Karl u r back. let us know when the new series and the new live episodes r on. happy new year to u karl, yvette and ur family xxxxxx lots of love Carys Williams

  5. @Claire: I don’t think he’s telling porkies per se, I just think that things might have to be kept a bit quiet until the Channel makes the big announcement (in the new year?) about Most Haunted. Could be done in a number of ways: on their websites, in a promo on the channel, in a press statement/conference (admittedly the latter would be less likely) they *might* even give a date for when they are thinking about an airing the new series/next Live! event; but I know no more about it than you do, so none of what I said is certain by any means.

    @Jen: I wasn’t watching Channel 5 last night, but thank you for the information. 🙂

    It’s all very cloak-and-dagger isn’t it? 😉

  6. Anyone picked up on the “teaser” that appeared on channel 5 last night? It was on with the adverts and shows a grave stone with the sound of thunder (not unlike ghosthunting with….) and shows the date which i’m sure said 05.01.12. Can anyone shed any light on the subject?

  7. See there’s still no news on “the major company” MH is moving to, you don’t think Karl’s telling porkies do you?

  8. i have to say most haunted is one of the best programmes on tv i watch it everyday without fail. i cant wait for your new show next year. hurry up 2012.

  9. hi both. great news we shall all be seeing you next year. most haunted fans everywhere have really missed you all so much. i personally cannot wait for your return. good tv back again, how fantastic. love to all and see you soon.

  10. Well what can i say, Halloween just wasnt the same for me this year. i’m usually on the phone through the live events to friends saying “did you see this and did you see that” as well as watch the live cams on the laptop and watching the tv lol its so exciting. truely missed karl eyvette and the gang this year. so all i have left to say is shake a tail feather and get back on the tv soon. Roll on 2012 CAN’T WAIT. xx

  11. I no longer live in England and now live in New Hampshire usa and i have trouble getting your shows and i really miss you guys.

  12. Bored for the first time on Halloween. Watching the “woods” episode on tv channel 123. Let’s get more tech and more locked of cameras and mics on the next series. Missing the MH gang! Good luck getting out of the woods!!!!!

  13. Good news. By the way there is a most haunted episode being repeated now on sky 123 for people that want something to watch this Halloween.

  14. Its not just the lives to look forward to, its the series as well, I can not wait for the New Most Haunted, You are the best guys. HAPPY HALLOWEEN XXXXX


    Soooo happy to hear MH will be back next year. cant wait! ive missed them so much! yippppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee!! xxx

  16. happy halloween everybody
    some how seems something missing
    yvette and karl thats it .
    never mind you will be were you belong
    next halloween on our tv screens to take back halloween cant wait and i speak for everybody on this site stay safe tonight
    trick or treat 0000000000000.

  17. most haunted returning just made my year roll on 2012 i guess ill have to start my most haunted live party nights again rock on !!!!!!!!!!

  18. ye me too great news we would not let anybody else tread on your toes most haunted owns halloween roll on 2012
    were all waiting and ready xxxx

  19. Fantastic news ! Looking forward to seeing you all on our tv screens again soon. We have missed the team SO much

  20. glad to hear your returning to our screens, was most dissapointed that there is no most haunted live this year iv never missed one yet.

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