Most Haunted Live Gothic Prague Update

Most Haunted Live 2010

Yvette Fielding and her ghost-hunting team travel to macabre Prague for their darkest investigation yet.

Over four nights they uncover the horrifying paranormal phenomena that have built up over millennia in one of Europe’s most haunted cities.

The Czech capital, Prague, is known as a popular tourist destination and the city of 1,000 spires, but behind the stunning architecture and charming winding streets, lies a gruesome history of witchcraft and blood-soaked tyranny.

Legend says that Prague was once besieged by flocks of witches, forcing the city’s terrified residents to light huge bonfires to drive away the evil invaders. In modern times, this ancient ritual is marked each year in April on Witches Night, but what other more sinister traces have centuries of black magic left in the Czech capital?.

The city is also the site of several ancient castles, which are renowned not only for their architecture but also for their grisly past. The gothic splendour of Karlstejn, for instance, was home to the infamous Katerina Bechynova in the 16th century. The sadistic lady, it is said, murdered fourteen innocent people and even had a cat that dared to tear the lace of her dress skinned alive for its crime.

Will the Most Haunted team come face to face with her and the rest of the tortured souls who wander the streets of this ancient city?

Starts Thursday 25th March 2010 at 9pm Living TV

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