Most Haunted Live Gothic Prague Update

Most Haunted Live 2010

Yvette Fielding and her ghost-hunting team travel to macabre Prague for their darkest investigation yet.

Over four nights they uncover the horrifying paranormal phenomena that have built up over millennia in one of Europe’s most haunted cities.

The Czech capital, Prague, is known as a popular tourist destination and the city of 1,000 spires, but behind the stunning architecture and charming winding streets, lies a gruesome history of witchcraft and blood-soaked tyranny.

Legend says that Prague was once besieged by flocks of witches, forcing the city’s terrified residents to light huge bonfires to drive away the evil invaders. In modern times, this ancient ritual is marked each year in April on Witches Night, but what other more sinister traces have centuries of black magic left in the Czech capital?.

The city is also the site of several ancient castles, which are renowned not only for their architecture but also for their grisly past. The gothic splendour of Karlstejn, for instance, was home to the infamous Katerina Bechynova in the 16th century. The sadistic lady, it is said, murdered fourteen innocent people and even had a cat that dared to tear the lace of her dress skinned alive for its crime.

Will the Most Haunted team come face to face with her and the rest of the tortured souls who wander the streets of this ancient city?

Starts Thursday 25th March 2010 at 9pm Living TV

31 thoughts on “Most Haunted Live Gothic Prague Update”

  1. i’m back from Prague i had the best time ever.In Prague on my ghost hunts weren’t very successful but many things happened when I wasn’t looking. In Prague castle in one of the palaces I got orbs mist even a very clear apparition that photo turned my mother into a believer I also felt very strange things down in the sellers of the old town hall and in the museums witch was creepy because I was standing right next to the gowns that people would were when in there graves I also burst into tears. In a 13th century hotel called ‘Casa Marcello’ deep into the old town I could hear strange wippering noises coming from out side our door and also foot steps I looked out side no one was there and ever worse I was the only one on that floor the room I stead in was room 309 witch was the room that was right at the top of the building with a grate view of the old town and the clock. when I went to the clock tower I felt like where ever I went I was being watched and felt very depressed this might be because of the sad story of the builder of the clock. So if anyone wishes to go to Prague have a grate time and good luck

  2. omg am i the only one who love every nail bitting minute. i never believed in ghost and things but thanks to the most haunted crew i am now believing it supernatural.

  3. i love most hounted but it needs all the sounds turned up a bit more as i ware earing aids and sumtimes carnt here and i think some other peaple will think the same as me so please make the sounds louder that come from the spirets ps i think stuert is cute and its not fare that he keeps gettin hurt poor boy ill look after him

  4. Is it true that this is Yvette’s last Most Haunted, at the end of Night 4, she seemed to be saying goodbye

  5. The talking ghost …. Oh dear with Cath hiding behind Yvette during most of the questioning with the talking ghost, then accidentally getting herself in view full of the camera towards the end answering “Yes” to Yvette’s question “are you in the room with us”? Most amusing indeed!

  6. julian clegg is a complete fool, his ego is poring out the top of his head. wearing the bomber jacket at the silent town was clownish at best. cut down his slots on the shows or you will find a hell of a lot more people turning off. its not the julian clegg show despite what he obviously thinks.the show would be better also if nick ross did not repeat word for word the same speech everytime we return from a advert break, come on people you need to put a few things to rights and if you have to a shorter show, if only to cut down on mr egos time (julian clegg).constructive crictics can be useful you know.n

  7. i agree mary. karl is so annoying he will go of camera then all of a sudden he’s been hit by something or some one was there and as for stuart and cath they just say the saw tha or heard it when they are no where near carl

  8. Why is Cath now taking on screaming. She never used to, We have been grateful that Yvette has calmed down on the screams at long last, now we have a replacement. Obviously she has been told to. It does nothing at all but annoy.

  9. Whi is Cath now taking on screaming. She never used to, We have been grateful that Yvette has calmed down on the screams at long last, now we have a replacement. Obviously she has been told to. It does nothing at all but annoy.

  10. What a joke Yvette and Miss Piggy falling over, clacking around in high heels and sreaming at anything,the whole lot are a bunch of pathetic actors, they get paid for this..? and the silly public think this entertainment, get Acorah to do the monkey, now that was funny,they do this because they are incappable of doing real work.? Waste of electricity watching the show..CRAP

  11. after watching yvrtte and karls reality shows and seeing how childish they are makes it hard to believe them ih mh they dont convince me at all i think they should stick to doing what they do best buying cars and horses behind each others backs and all you people sending messages into the show are paying for this also you would have thought all the slaps karl gets around the head would have knocked some sense into him

  12. worst live yet….. all that money spent getting them and the equipment there, what for a few taps,bangs,coats russling,yvette being bossy, & lesley pouting. but one good thing cath lost her voice……!

  13. what a load of shit, you are messing with things you know nothing about and for what? to make a tv show that you sell to make money, when you play with fire you will get burned

  14. i do beleave in ghost etc and i do think they need a good medium, not like derek the soap queen,lol pity if the show was slated just because chris wanted to continue his work without the tv.

  15. i hope sum thin does happen coz iv watched so many shows n i dont get 2 c ny thin or hear out coz ppl talk over the noise n it spoils it or screams like cath shes always screamin.

  16. getting fed up watching, cath keeps on screaming, and please tell me if your in prague how are the spirits going to understand yvette , are these spirits understand more than one language now.

  17. you lot suck nowdays, cath does nothing but scream, toyweb cams are poop, you dont do EVP you need to check out Zac and his ghost adventures, thats how you do it, prove what you catch happening, instead of ithappening duringa break and having no footage, chris conway is wasted with you lot he is the only good thing on it

  18. hope u do see a full bodied apparition tonight while im watching because dont get to catch the show often

  19. Good luck in prague hope stuart is ok would love for david wells is your medium tonight want lesley to be your historian tonight shes ace yvette and karl have fun its definitley something id love to do . Keep up the good work guys your all amazing.

  20. I hope lesley goes to she on of the most best historians ive seen in ages!!
    and i hope u all come vist us downunder one unless ur to scared to lol!!


  22. PLEASE tell me that you’re taking Lesley and John Callow as your historians?! I’ve heard it’s Miriam.. no offence, but to put it mildly, she hasn’t the same ability to grip you with the history as they do!

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