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Prepare for the spookiest and most spectacular live ghost hunt to date as the Most Haunted team bring LIVING viewers an exclusive extravaganza aired for the first time over five nights. In this ambitious event, the crew travel to five of the most haunted locations in the country, each with a history leadened with spirits and curses. The journey the crew takes will map a huge pentagram – a five pointed star associated with sorcery – across the country. As the symbol is completed on the last night, Halloween, all its energy will converge at the final location – the Most Haunted Live: Halloween 2007 studio.

Presented by Yvette Fielding, this five-night epic commences at an imposing priory in northern England. The sinister building was once home to a gentrified family whose maid was accused of killing their young son. Said to be a witch, the maid was burned at the stake and it is now believed that anyone who sees her ghost will suffer a death in their family soon after. Could the ghostly figure seen stalking the grounds of the sprawling house be the witch?

Night two of this paranormal marathon takes place in a largely derelict hotel. The pub on the ground floor is the only part of the building which is still in use, and was once the drinking venue of choice for a witch, and for the men who so feared her powers that they eventually killed her. Before she died, the sorceress put a curse on the building which has since seen numerous vicious murders within its walls, while pub regulars claim there are a whole host of spirits haunting the building. Later in the week, the show investigates a woman who sold her soul to the devil and visits a castle which is built on the bones of plague victims. But the scariest venue is saved for Halloween, when the crew set foot inside one of the most haunted houses in Wales: a scene of murders, executions and suicides. Join them if you dare, only on LIVING.

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