Most Haunted Live Halloween 2010

Yvette Fielding has confirmed that Most Haunted Live! will return in the UK for their annual Halloween Investigation in October 2010. Although a statement made by Fielding on 25th June 2010, via her website ANTIX Productions, revealed that she has stepped down as presenter on the show and has decided that it is time for her to leave which therefore makes it unclear as to whether she will make her final appearance on the Halloween Live or whether she really has left for good.

Most Haunted Live Halloween 2010 : Updated 2nd August 2010

Karl has said that the next Most Haunted Live will be scariest of scares. The team will spend 8 nights returning to their scariest locations, with their central studio based in centre of country of Derby.  Said to be last ever episode of Most Haunted.

Update : 10th September 2010

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364 thoughts on “Most Haunted Live Halloween 2010”

  1. hello cant what for most haunted to come back soon still dont no yet what chan it will be back on as still whating to hear big fan of most haunted and the liveones as well to and i hope the live ones come back as well to cant what for it to come back yes most haunted come back big fan thanks paul lamb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. is there going to be a most haunted live this year ? hope there is i know alot of people what will be watching it

  3. Had a look on Wikepedia and it does say its coming back October 2011 on channel 5. There is no confirmation however on the Antix website, just have to keep fingers crossed and hope it is true, miss MH sooooo much been watching repeats on you tube

  4. Most Haunted is being shown in the mornings from 10am till 11am. I love MH and have been recording all the programmes. I really hope that it does return with a new series, but failing that I wish Yvette, Karl and the Team all the very best for the future and hopefully we will see them on our screens again soon:)

  5. please come back most haunted i love you guys come on if you read theese then youll realise how much we love you guys please please please come back

  6. i want most haunted to come back with david wells in and the wonderful yvette fielding for 2011 we beg of you yvette and carl bring it back for all most haunted fans like me

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