Most Haunted Live Series

Most Haunted The Live Series 2010

Most Haunted: The Live Series is the not-to-be-missed ghost hunting event, where steely-nerved host Yvette Fielding and her team will visit a selection of old and new locations each week to peek into every dark and dusty corner looking for evidence of supernatural activity – all in front of a live television audience.

With the cameras rolling, there’s nowhere for Yvette and her ghost hunting team to hide if they’re confronted with visitations, friendly or hostile, from the other side. Starting with a new site that the Most Haunted crew have never before visited, the ground-breaking eight-part investigation will see Yvette and her crew of experienced experts, including parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O’Keefe and gifted medium Chris Conway, visit locations that would have most people quaking in their boots. Will viewers have the courage to follow them into the hidden recesses of some of Britain’s most blood-chilling sites?

From a disappeared village to a castle where human remains were discovered bricked up in the walls, there’s nowhere the team won’t go to explore the mystery of what lies beyond the grave. Aiming to top themselves on the scale of spookiness, where will they visit this Saturday?

Starts On Living TV Saturday 23rd January 2010

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