Most Haunted Live USA Eastern State : Living TV : CHRISTMAS DAY, 9PM

For the first time in the history of the show, Most Haunted has ventured to America, where the team has investigated what is widely regarded as one of America’s most haunted places: the world’s first penitentiary, Eastern State in Philadelphia.

Presenters Yvette Fielding and Paul Ross, medium David Wells and historian Lesley Smith travel to the prison, which was opened in 1829 and abandoned in 1971. Eastern State Penitentiary was part of a controversial movement which sought to rehabilitate prisoners using solitary confinement and hard labour. It is widely believed that its brutal regime caused extensive mental illness among its inmates.

The prison housed many famous criminals, including bank robber Willie Sutton and gangster Al Capone, and is renowned for the eerie experiences and mysterious visions that both staff and inmates experience there.

Originally broadcast in the USA only in June 2007, this is the first time this will be broadcast in the UK.

Source : IDS

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