Most Haunted The Stage Show – Nationwide Theatre Tour

Yvette Fielding and the crew are gearing up for a spooky theatre tour across the UK in 2023/24, with Most Haunted The Stage Show.

Since hitting our television screens in 2002, Most Haunted has become a global sensation. With a reputation as the leading international paranormal series, the show has delved into some of the eeriest places on earth.

Now, die-hard followers of the series can immerse themselves in a bone-chilling evening with the crew in numerous haunted theatres dotted across the UK.

Most Haunted The Stage Show – 2023/24 Tour

The Most Haunted Stage Show is an exhilarating theatrical adaptation of the widely recognised TV series, Most Haunted.

Set to commence its tour in 2023 and carry on into 2024, the live show will be hosted by Yvette Fielding, known as the ‘first lady’ of the paranormal and the enduring face of Most Haunted.

Joining Yvette on stage will be the show’s producer and director, Karl Beattie, alongside other team members. They will recount their most frightening experiences from previous investigations and answer questions from the audience.

The audience will be taken on a hair-raising journey through the team’s Top 10 Most Terrifying Moments, which includes a compilation of some spine-tingling unseen footage from their past investigations.

There is also an opportunity for audience participation and a number of the audience will be invited on stage to join Yvette and her team onstage for a real-time séance and Ouija board session.

One audience member will then accompany the team to the most haunted area of the location to carry out a ghost hunt, with the night vision video streamed back to the main auditorium for the audience to enjoy.

Over the years the team has investigated countless haunted theatres, such as the Drury Lane theatre and the Tivoli. The team plan to revisit some of these locations during the live show, including the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe.

Most Haunted The Stage Show is set to visit all major theatres in 2023 and 2024. As the tour nears, additional tour dates and venues may be announced.

Tickets start fom around £26.00. For more information on ticket availability and venues, enthusiasts can check respective theatre websites or trustworthy ticket vendors such as Ents24.