Most Haunted To Return Online On New Website Most Haunted Channel

As of July 2013, Karl Beattie has recently began scouting new locations for a new series of Most Haunted.

Following on from the announcement that new locations were being looked at, Karl has now announced that Most Haunted will return as an online series for the moment as this is the best way to get the show to as many people as possible (and doesn’t matter where in the world you are).

A brand new website is being built and this will host the episodes which will be able to be viewed at your leisure.


27 thoughts on “Most Haunted To Return Online On New Website Most Haunted Channel”

  1. Yes.soooooo glad most haunted has arisen from the ashes like the mythical phoenix. Karl has made the right decision to start the show online,hopefully though it will come back to our telly’s some time in the future. But for now I will gladly take anything that is available for i love the show as I am a massive fan!!!! Get in!!!

  2. Who is Brian on most Haunted!!!! Get him off he’s over bearing This this this. Wish he would stop Acting and repeating himself . Putting me off watching this show , tell him to stop thinking and stop talking with his hands such drama,

  3. There really is’ somebody there’ after all, fantastic! My pathetic attempts at thought-begging-transference may have worked.You really have raised my spirits, heres hoping you have similar success in raising ‘the others.’ Can’t wait!

  4. This is all bull, most haunted will not be back as its a joke, there are better shows on that do a serious job of investigating the paranormal!

  5. What happened to that deal they did with Lionsgate to develop the future of Most Haunted, not a lot seems to have com of it.

  6. Hoorrayy and about time, the series has been one of my all-time favourites, the sooner its back the better, you have all been missed, keep the site updated – brilliant.

  7. So excited for this!!
    I loved every episode there was, so good! Pendle Hill was by far my favourite!! Your halloween weekend were amazing to!
    It’s a shame it’s not going to be back on TV though 🙁

  8. I have missed Most Haunted and really look forward to a new series. I’ve watched all the old episodes until I know every scream and every ”something touched me on me ‘ead”!

  9. Hi Charlie

    Yes, and so much for freeview 🙁
    Still i am pleased for everyone thats pleased…. mind it is a shame not everyone will be able to watch it though.

    Apparently they turned down a lucrative tv deal as ?? erm i think it was to do with the fact that MH wanted to do it their way, i think ?
    But imo its not a good move to turn down a lucrative anything in this economy ?
    Good to see you Charlie

  10. So I guess that means that no TV channel is interested. So much for coming back bigger and better than ever!

  11. Great news been waiting for this. , hopefully most haunted
    Will be bk on our tv screens after Internet. Missed this programme
    Very much.

  12. if most haunted is coming back i just hope its with a completly diferent format! simething along the lines of taps with no screaming or pooing of pants! i got sick of karl or stuarts bangs groans and footsteps off camera

  13. Cant wait for MH to start getting really exited about it sooo glad its back were it belongs I been a MH fan since day one Glynn x

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