New Most Haunted Halloween 2013

Most Haunted 2013

The Most Haunted  location is The Rossendale Theatre / The Royal Court Theatre, Bacup, renowned haunted by the locals.

Many of the Theatre Staff and Visitors have reported either seeing the apparition of or feeling the presence of the theatres “resident ghost” which the staff have affectionately named Norah.

A full investigation of the theatre was carried out by the Paranormal Activity Research Team of Lancashire. Numerous entities were detected by the team, including a woman named Kitty and a man named Jackson by the Circles seating area, a doctor-like figure in reception, and other presences throughout the building

The Managing Director reports of thrown objects, bells rung , draughts and even a pair of ‘Blue Legs’.

The New Most Haunted episode was originally  available to watch at Vimeo. This was removed from Vimeo in July 2014 and is suspected to become part of the new series airing on Really in August 2014.

Official Trailer

Watch The Most Haunted Outtakes for The Royal Court Theatre Bacup

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