Paranormal Investigation Live

On the 10th of September 2010, Living announced a new show that is to replace Most Haunted. Paranormal Investigation: Live .

This announcement brings to a close the series of Most Haunted on Living.

Paranormal Investigations Live on Facebook

This Halloween, be part of a brand new kind of TV paranormal investigation with the sole aim of uncovering hard evidence of paranormal activity. Two teams of experienced investigators, using very different approaches and equipment, will be sent into one of the UK’s scariest locations to uncover the paranormal. But will the evidence they gather stand up to the scrutiny of our in-house scientific and historical experts? Will they be able to explain incidents that are seemingly beyond the range of normal? Or will they, along with you the viewer, observe experiences that lie outside of rational explanation? Join us LIVE on 30th & 31st October, exclusively on LIVING. If you dare.

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