Paranormal Investigator Workshop At Langley Priory With Phil Whyman

Phil Whyman

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR WORKSHOP (Sat 12th March 2011) With Most haunted’s PHIL WHYMAN at  LANGLEY PRIORY Leicestershire

Ever wanted to conduct your own paranormal investigations?

Then make sure you get off to the best possible start and join respected paranormal investigator, author and columnist PHIL WHYMAN on an investigator workshop. With over 24 years experience investigating the paranormal, Phil Whyman will show you the right way to do just about everything as far
as investigating the paranormal is concerned.

***Strictly Limited Places***

 Join TV’s ‘Most Haunted’ paranormal expert, author, columnist and Dead Haunted company director PHIL WHYMAN on the first date of his Paranormal Investigator Workshop, taking place at Dead Haunted’s EXCLUSIVE venue LANGLEY PRIORY in Leicestershire.

The Workshop
Investigating the paranormal, hauntings and ghosts has never been more popular than it is at the moment, but did you know there is essentially a right and wrong way to do it?
During this intense, practical workshop Phil Whyman will guide you through the same techniques and methods he has employed on countless paranormal investigations over the years that he has been investigating, calling on the vast experience and knowledge he has collected during this time. Learn things such as how to approach locations regarding permission to investigate them; how to use equipment and theories for their usage (including the Ouija board); taking a look at famous paranormal cases; avoiding common problems encountered on an investigation and more…

Topics covered will include:
Approaching potential investigation locations
Witness interviews & questions.
Investigation equipment usage & theories.
Conducting a safe paranormal investigation.
Exploring investigation experiments.
Documenting your investigations.
Common investigation pitfalls.
DO’s & DONT’s of investigating.
Analysis of famous paranormal cases.

Two workshop options
There will be two slightly different workshop options available to anyone wanting to attend:

Option one will be just the workshop sessions only.

Option two will consist of the workshop followed by an investigation, to put into practice methods and theories that you will have learned from the workshop itself. Use of investigation equipment will be provided, as well as notepads & pens to document your own findings.

The Venue: LANGLEY PRIORY, Leicestershire
Founded by William Pantulf in AD 1154, Langley Priory – which was of the Benedictine order – remained an important part of the local area, until Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536.
As with so many buildings of this type during the Dissolution, the original structure that was Langley Priory was torn down. The two wings of the present house were built in 1570 by re-using the Norman stone from the ruined Castle at Donington, itself said to be a very haunted location. Further building work saw the middle section linking the two wings being built in 1690, with a Victorian annexe being added to the North Wing in 1888.

There is no doubting that Langley Priory is a beautiful building, and was described in the 1840’s as “one of the finest manorial type houses in Leicestershire”. The house is home to a fine collection of sixteenth century tapestries and some beautiful medieval stained glass.

Langley Priory is a Grade II* listed building, and remains a private family home.

The Investigation
Langley Priory has many paranormal secrets to uncover, and during a recent Dead Haunted investigation did not let us down.
The Buried Man
Langley Priory has seen many deaths over the years, and indeed there are countless bodies buried just beyond its welcoming doors; many of them would have been nuns who very often lived their whole lives here.
During recent works outside in the grounds the body of a male was accidentally excavated. He was reburied in the garden, and you can see his marker to this day.
Nobody is sure who this is, but has disturbing him from his slumber caused any paranormal activity? We’ll find out during our visit.
The Ancient Disused Wing
One particularly spooky and chilling area of Langley Priory is an ancient and disused wing, which we will have access too during our investigation; it is very much in the same condition as it was hundreds of years ago…who knows what or who still resides within its walls?

The Attic
Lurking within the upper recesses of Langley Priory are the attic rooms. These rooms alone are enough to send a shiver down the spine, and that is during the daytime. At night and in the darkness what strange and mysterious things will come out to play?
The Cellar
During our events we have seen many cellars. They are often a hive of paranormal activity, and often that activity can be frightening (Peterborough Museum springs to mind here!)…and Langley Priory has one too. This is one area we are all looking forward to conducting our vigils and experiments.
Other Reported Incidents
Light anomalies
Cold spots.
Feelings of being watched.
Your Workshop Will Consist Of:
A practical workshop session with Phil Whyman, covering all aspects of the modern day paranormal investigation including the methods and techniques used by Phil himself.
A paranormal investigation of Langley Priory after the workshop ends, including use of paranormal investigation equipment.
Notepads & pens for documenting your own experiences.
Certificate of Attendance signed by Phil Whyman on completion of the workshop / investigation.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided throughout the workshop / investigation.

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