Paranormal Witness With Yvette Fielding – Halloween 2013

Yvette Fielding  hosted Paranormal Witness for Really TV on Halloween 2013 with a live-stream from The Old Rectory. A 16th Century Tudor house in Cheam, Surrey is notorious for its reputed ghost sightings.

Yvette stated:

“It’s very exciting because we are going to be coming live from a place called The Old Rectory in Surrey, which has I think about seven ghosts that have been reported as haunting the location, and one of the ghosts is a maid – I think she hanged herself in the attic area – so that’s quite interesting.

We’re gonna have about four locked off cameras within the location and a roaming camera as well. I shall be within those haunted locations and reporting what happens, or if anything does happen of a paranormal nature, and hopefully the viewers at home that’ll be watching via the web will report to me via Twitter and various other social media ways of communicating what they see, maybe behind me or they might see some orbs, or objects moving – that sort of thing. So it’s gonna be really, really exciting.”

Here are the highlights from YouTube

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