Queen Of Extreme Productions & Lionsgate Bring Back Most Haunted

Queen of Extreme are happy to announce the partnership between Most Haunted and Lionsgate. Queen of Extreme Productions have played an active roll in liaising and negotiating the partnership of two well-known brands. For over ten years Most Haunted has been the premiere paranormal brand and officially the most successful paranormal show in television history, its audience is global and its popularity grows to this day.

Antix Productions Ltd owned by Karl and Yvette Fielding have acquired all the rights to Most Haunted and are taking the brand into a new phase of its development with Lionsgate, this is an exciting partnership with new development ideas and territories.

Most Haunted has gone from being a successful TV show to being a recognized brand. The show is now seen in over 90 territories worldwide. Program sales around the world are in excess of £5,000,000. Lionsgate are one of the best in the market for constantly bringing (to the big screen and DVD) some of the best horror films around, with the likes of “Saw”, “Open Water” and the uncut version of “Haute Tension”. So it made sense for Queen of Extreme Productions to put one of the best paranormal brands together with the best horror creators for an exciting collaboration. This will certainly fuel the excitement amongst the Most Haunted loyal fans around the world as the brand grows with new paranormal investigations and new territories to be explored.

Also included in this partnership is the show Ghost Hunting with Yvette Fielding who takes groups of celebrities on a journey into the unknown. Yvette has a resident psychologist on hand, to help the celebrities try and make sense of what has happened on a night they will never forget. Ghost Hunting with… is already a successful brand in the UK but needs to be exploited internationally. There are a great number of US celebrities who are fascinated with the paranormal and many have already expressed an interest in coming on GHW: The (Original) A-Team, the Sex Pistols, Charlie Sheen, Megan Fox and the Osbournes to name a few.

This is exciting time for Antix Productions and Lionsgate, Karl and Yvette Fielding have worked very hard over the years to grow and establish the Most Haunted brand with phenomenal success. Queen of Extreme Productions has a healthy and strong relationship with Lionsgate and is thrilled that we have helped create a bright future for Most Haunted and its continued success.

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6 thoughts on “Queen Of Extreme Productions & Lionsgate Bring Back Most Haunted”

  1. Its Halloween and its just not the same without MH live, theres tons of fans who miss it terribly. Pls come back soon

  2. hi everyone i expiranced at my home that i was having a shower and i looked in the mirror and i saw my nan(extreemly spooky)

    then about 1 month i came out of the shower and i saw an old lady and i put some research into it and it was the lady that died in my house sooo i was that scared i sold my home and i never saw it agien!!!! TIP: never do a wegie board /saone board or any of that stuff it makes ghosts attrackt to you and haunt you down and evn prosses you

  3. Fantastic news about MH! At last!! Just wondering – has anyone else not yet been refunded by Dead Haunted for the event at Harwich 26th May which was cancelled?? My emails remain ignored and I suspect there’s something more to this…?

  4. Can not wait! So looking forward to this. Quite possibly one of my most favourite TV shows of all time! Looking forward to watching many more new MH’s

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