The New Most Haunted Team For 2013

With the Return of Most Haunted at Halloween 2013 so came a new team.

As shown on their website

Yvette Fielding

Yvette Fielding

With a wealth of knowledge under her belt Yvette has become known as one of the world’s leading experts in paranormal investigation. She has taken her team around the world on a quest to find the truth about life after death. Her pursuit for answers has led her and the team to many different locations that have both amazed and petrified them.

In these new adventures Yvette hopes to delve deeper into the unknown world that has for so long mystified us all. This time Yvette wants you to join her in finding the truth and getting some answers from the other side.

Karl Beattie


Karl has been investigating haunted locations for thirteen years. As the producer and director of Most Haunted he has had his fair share of all things paranormal.

When asked about his scariest moment… ‘We were at a farm in Pendle Hill and Yvette had been regressed by a medium. It was during this session that she became hysterical and in a deep trance like state, medium had lost all control at trying to bring Yvette round. I had to take over, I was so frightened at seeing the woman I love in so much pain. I never want to see that again and it underlines the seriousness of putting your trust in an alleged psychic that can’t really do what they purport to do, some of these people can cause real damage and are very dangerous.’

He may admit to having a softer side but when it comes down to it Karl is probably one of the bravest members of the Most Haunted team. If there is strange activity in the most terrifying location. Karl will always be there first.

Fred Batt

Fred Batt

Fred Batt has been with the Most Haunted Team for five years. In past programmes he has helped as a historian and demonologist. Fred has always had an interest in witchcraft and all things dark. Fred’s quiet nature and understanding of the darker side of the supernatural has helped the team understand malevolent spirits that are not at rest.

Fred is not a member of the team that scares easily and is a strong, silent man that helps the team place pieces together in a haunting that needs to be exorcised he is also a reassuring presence when all hell breaks loose.

Chris Burton

Chris Burton

Chris Burton has been the principle cameraman on Most Haunted for six years. An integral part of the team that is always there with a rational explanation until that is when something jumps out and spooks him. Chris is a brave chap that will readily go into the creepiest part of a location but when an unexpected noise or poltergeist activity occurs Chris is not embarrassed to let his screams be heard.

His most terrifying moment occurred at Waverly Hill Sanatorium USA. ‘I will never forget that night. We were all having a break from filming. It was horrible inside the location and outside too. Thunder, rain and lightening added to the tense, creepy feeling in the sanatorium. I remember looking out of one of the windows only to see a child looking back at me. I have to admit a little scream did come out. Oops!

Matt Chance


Matt had no clue what was going to happen to him on that first fateful night when he met Yvette and Karl. Matt was the engineer of their paranormal radio show. Matt got on so well with the couple he left his job and signed up to work full time at Antix productions. Matt was soon to accompany the team on Most Haunted and recalls his first brush with the paranormal as ‘totally terrifying’ Matt gets scared easily but is willing to go it alone if absolutely necessary. Armed with his earphones and mic boom Matt is a tattooed man that is also quite good at screaming.

Stuart Torevell

Stuart Torevell

Another member of the team is Stuart. He has been with the team since series one and has never failed yet in amusing the rest of the team or the Most Haunted fans. As Karl’s side-kick, Stuart is often stuck in situations he’d rather not be in. Down dark tunnels in attics or falling into open graves.(yes, that really did happen).

Stu is also known for his one liners that sometimes have the team in hysterics. Which is needed a lot of the time. Just when the atmosphere is getting tense you can always rely on Stu for that almighty comedic line. Stuarts most scary moment has to be at Edinburgh Vaults where his lower torso was deeply scratched by unseen hands. He still has the scars today and is a constant reminder of that terrible haunting night in Scotland.

Graham Sawyer

Graham Sawyer

A very new and long awaited member of the team is Graham. A priest with a deep faith in his work and a belief in life after death. He has joined the team to advise them in helping distressed souls depart from this dimension to the next. He has also joined the team to help them emotionally and spiritually on this new paranormal journey. After the teams passed experiences Yvette insists that a blessing is held before and after each investigation.

Melanie Crump


Mel joined the team after meeting Yvette and doing her make up on another television show. The pair hit it off with their mutual interest in the world of all things strange. When asked what made her want to be a part of Most Haunted… ‘Having watched Most Haunted many times and being a huge fan of the show it was most surreal to get the opportunity to be part of this amazing team.

I must admit my initial thoughts prior to my first Most Haunted experience was that it couldn’t be real and it would just be scary to be ambling about in the dark…I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO TERRIFYIED AND WRONG IN ALL MY LIFE!…I believe. I’ve seen, smelt, heard and felt them, and I’m sure they could sense me, read my thoughts and effect me cold. I wanted to leave, cry and never come back…Now I’ve recovered, for some strange reason I’m eager for more.

Darren Hutchinson

Darren Hutchinson

Darren Hutchinson has worked in TV for most of his adult life and is lucky enough to have been involved in numerous broadcasted ghost hunts and adventures in abandoned properties. He runs his own production company which has been working alongside Antix for a few years now and is so proud to be part of the legendary Most Haunted team! He says: “It’s amazing to be part of something that I secretly envied throughout my time working on other TV shows, a really cool dream come true!”

7 thoughts on “The New Most Haunted Team For 2013”

  1. hi guys
    hi both of you lovely lovely peeps , you both have cases that are truthful and very spot on , yes Vicki totally agree it is there for all to see on you tube and as many will see the experiment in hand was to do with Yvette starting an automatic writning of which said lovely medium didn’t instigated it but was witness to it and i would of i’m sure been there wholeheartedly if ther’d of been any danger
    yes credit it with eyes and ears !
    and also yes Claire i agree with your post too ,it is possible Karl got panicky and scared and a little angry at the situation that he thought in his own mind something other happened than what was true for us all to see ,his statement holds up for the sheer worry for his wife , but not to blantantly attack the medium .
    As for Malum , mmm that was something that should of surfaced a bit ago ????
    Thank heavens for free para tv soon : GL and GA very much creditable !

    W/wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi All

    Hello again Vicki 🙂 brilliant post, in fact i am tempted to repost your whole com for truth !!!

    Ermmm …… what a liberty! ….. i mean ………. “really” ?
    I remember that episode very well it was compelling viewing Yvette did indeed appear to enter an altered state ? but at no point did said Medium take any part in her turn, never mind flaming provoke it. Bit mental actually as if you watch the episode in question its obviously nothing like KKarl described version of events. Like you said Vicki its on youtube and its free …………………..

    Of course it must have been confusing and very upsetting, could he have been so traumatised that he subconsciously twisted the events to suit his prejudices about Mediums ? and because of this has he convinced himself that this is what actually happened ? ………. The thing is, the convenient timing of his statement its very similar to the release of the Kreed kafer incident ? as that info was leaked on the day of Dereks last ever MH Live hmmm ? does this make it a pattern ? …. coincidental or spiteful ?

    Great to see you Vicki x

    Sour grapes or confused and stressed ? statement from Mr B, aside,………..
    ep 2 of GL is on youtube FREE on friday at 6pm and if its anything like the 1st episode it will be excellent viewing 😀

    I hope you are all are well, W\wishes xxx ……. GA is back !! on Really a week on thursday 😀

    Oh ….. MH filmed with the English Rugby team last week and Mr B is busy editing so it will not be long before you can pay to view the results …. Mrs B looks to have died her hair silver ? or it could be the lighting [picture in the attic that one]

    ps has anyone heard any news about the movie Malum ? that MH were making ? have i got that right ?i forget, it was first mentioned back in 2010 Fred has made 2 since then.

  3. Just wanted to highlight one thing:

    “Karl – When asked about his scariest moment… ‘We were at a farm in Pendle Hill and Yvette had been regressed by a medium. It was during this session that she became hysterical and in a deep trance like state, medium had lost all control at trying to bring Yvette round. I had to take over, I was so frightened at seeing the woman I love in so much pain. I never want to see that again and it underlines the seriousness of putting your trust in an alleged psychic that can’t really do what they purport to do, some of these people can cause real damage and are very dangerous.’”

    Well, several things in this paragraph, really.

    1) This whole paragraph is a major Antix RetCon. The past seems to have been twisted to suit the agenda of the present. This method is used a lot within dictatorships. When a member of the party is out of favour, their history and role within the party is retro-actively altered, to affect the continuity and to justify to what The Party did. It. Is. A. Lie.
    2) The medium in question did *not* regress Yvette, Yvette was taking part in an automatic writing experiment and fell into a hypnogogic state, during which, she had the experience in question.
    3) The timing of this attack on said mediums character was highly convenient, as it very much coincided with the medium being confirmed to be taking part in a new series. This series was one that MH, unwisely, chose to treat as a rival. The release of the first episode of each series were on the same night. Funny, that. 😉
    4) A clip of this episode can be found for free on YouTube. Please re-watch it and see what really happened. The camera never lies, it’s the agenda of the editing team that needs to be scrutinised.
    5) Do not insult our intelligence.

  4. hi,what are the chances of midsomer murders m.h.being released on dvd and also any unreleased live stuff or ghosthunting with? used to love rushing out and buying the latest m.h.dvd-so miss it.hope everyone involved is keeping well get back on tv QUICK! x

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