Tribute Most Haunted To Continue …

Just to let visitors know that after long deliberation I have keep this site and try in my spare time to bring you the latest news.

Thus I have now update the site to make it responsive so that all visitors using mobile phones can view it just as well.

Thanks to Karl Beattie for his messages and thoughts. Karl is working hard to protect the brand of Most Haunted, but has voiced he likes this site and as long as it stays in our hands is is happy for it to continue.

Just a little except from his message

“I have been aware of the site and look at it regularly and you have done a great job with it.”

1 thought on “Tribute Most Haunted To Continue …”

  1. really glad you are keeping going.its sometimes hard to fit everything in nowadays,with other commitments too.also nice to know karl knows this isnt a slag off most haunted site.they too work hard and deserve their success.

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