Welcome to the new Tribute To Most Haunted website.

The original version of this site was launched some 7 years ago, how time flies.

With changes in the world of web design we decided it was time for a total overhaul, allowing us to update it quicker and easier.

Updates are still happening so bear with us.

We hope you find what you are looking for here.

Paul & Mandy

5 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. can any of the most haunted team explain what is going past the camera very fast when carl is on his knees in pain at jedburough castle. the film should be slowed down to see it more clearly, perhaps they are already well aware what this can be for there was no mention on the show

  2. I tell you what we want is to know what is going on with most haunted i dont know about any body else but im getting really fed up,We havent heard from Yvette in ages ARE WE EVER GOING TO SEE MOST HAUNTED AGAIN PLEASE LET US KNOW.From a very up set and fed up fan

  3. this is by far the best spooky tv better than the americans but be carfull the dead dont like to be disturbed just wish you could capture a full apparition

  4. hi karl and eyvette my name is sara scrimshaw i am a really big fan of most haunted and i read lots of ghostly books i have read most haunted investigating the supernatural and ghost with eyvette and ciran on book form i would love to be able to get hold of a most haunted book as i have tried everywhere in local book shops in grimsby and yas cannot get them any where i am hungrey for most haunted ghost books i have read ghost stations book and i have visited r.a.f. waltham in grimsby and it is extreamly haunted. can’t wait to see the new most haunted programme coming soon to living can’t wait love most haunted its the best thing in slice bread spooky scary and full of unexpected surprises.

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