Most Haunted’s Yvette Fielding On Alan Titchmarsh Halloween Show – 31st October 2011

Most Haunted’s Ghost Hunter ‘Yvette Fielding’  talks to Alan Titchmarsh this Halloween, to be broadcast on Monday 31st October 2011 at 3pm on ITV.

Missed it ? Watch it on ITV PLAYER


Yvette is also on the Steve Wright Show on Radio 2 on 31st October 2011 from 2pm

Steve, Tim and The Old Woman try and out-trivia each other with more brain-busting Factoids and interview more amazing celebrity guests – today it’s ghost hunter Yvette Fielding and film director John Landis.

11 thoughts on “Most Haunted’s Yvette Fielding On Alan Titchmarsh Halloween Show – 31st October 2011”

  1. i heard her interview on radio 2 and me and my husband are so excited for the new MH show in the new year it will be great to have all the gang back we have missed you allxxxx

  2. I dont think Most Haunted is returning guys sorry to deflate you all. its been too long now and they are all doing different projects, but lets wait and see lol. love the show but thought it needed changing . Cut down the ghost hunters stop having all the crew following everywhere. Lets have 2 or even 3 max, and after each show do a what they found programme. to look at cams and EVPs. make the show more scientific.

  3. Hi All
    Someones been cleaning house eh hello Admin nice to meet you. Lots of new posts here where is the one we were all posting on might have missed sopmething lol.

    Seen the small chat with Alan T could this mean MH will air on an ITV channel???
    Nice to see Yvette she looked well pitty Alan did not ask her more questions though instead of quizzing her about spooky property values.

  4. hi jason everybody
    i have just bought my dvd on play,com it says 14th nov but on site says 12 dec anybody know what actual date it will be realised how are you what have you been up to interview did not eally say much but no nrews is good news have a great halloween >>>

  5. Watched Yvette on Alan Titchmarsh, she just discussed a few of her favourite haunted places.
    But bear in mind this was pre-recorded so she probably couldn’t say much about Most Haunted and the new DVD.
    Nice to see her on TV at halloween though 🙂

  6. bloody good show chaps, lets the bombardiers and squadrons see you come raring past next year for a awesome banging year, happy Halloween old boys.

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