Most Haunted 2015 Episode Guide

Most Haunted series 17 2015 began airing on Really TV at 10pm, 4th June 2015. It includes 11 episodes

tivoli theatre buckley

Episode 1 : Tivoli Theatre – North Wales

(First aired 04/06/15)

The Tivoli, North Wales opened as a theatre in 1925, it later became a cinema and is now a live music venue.

The Tivoli is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a projectionist who died in a fire in the 1945.

Tatton Old Hall

Episode 2 : Tatton Old Hall

(First aired 11/06/15)

The Most Haunted team return to Tatton Old Hall.


annisons funeral parlour

Episode 3 : Annisons Funeral Parlor – Hull

(First aired 18/06/15)

On Great Union Street it was a funeral parlour for over 100 years and closed in 1990’s. Originally including a mortuary and embalming room the ground floor is now home to a Late Night Pharmacy,

The building has more history having been the home to the mounted police and the last place the victim of a Victorian murder Mary Jane Langley was seen before their death in 1981.

Pharmacy staff are scared to go upstairs to the empty rooms with reported poltergeist activity, voice and unexplained noises.


fort paull

Episode 4 / 5 : Fort Paull – Yorkshire

(First aired 25/06/15 & 02/07/15 )

Fort Paull is a gun battery in the village of Paull, downstream from Hull, Yorkshire. there are a number of reported hauntings including; Miss Jenkins, the Rabbit Nanny, who sold rabbits in the streets of Hull. She sold her body prior to her death for medical research and she supposedly haunts the underground areas of the fort. A ghostly soldier who hung himself in a cell of the Fort haunts the corridor by the cell. The fort is notorious for bangs, noises, voices, things moving and people be physically touched and pushed.


Episode 6 / 7 : Wentworth Woodhouse

(First aired 09/07/15 & 16/07/15)

Episode 8 : Oakwell House

(First aired 23/07/15)


Episode 9 : Knottingley Town Hall

(First aired 30/07/15

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